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Ever Elettronica have a history of more than thirty years of worldwide success cases as components supplier as well as supplier of complete motion control solutions to leading machine builders for industrial automation by means of synchronous stepper and brushless servomotors.

Technological competencies and quality services

The R&D, design, production and quality control departments of the company seats in Lodi, established with the aim to guarantee the high quality standard of the supplied products, made Ever Elettronica an appreciated partner for their wide components range and hardware and software solutions offered to different industrial sectors such as: packaging, labelling, mechano-textile, food, medical, ceramics machinery, printing, office automation, video surveillance, machine tools, robotics, etc.
Thanks to the experience gained over the years and the ability to supply proven or customized solutions on base of specific client requirements, Ever Elettronica can offer their clients a real competitive advantage.

Standard products and customized solutions

On base of their long experience in determining the real needs of the automation market and knowledge about the time and costs an automatic machines builder normally dedicates to the development of its solutions, Ever Elettronica realized a wide range of control solutions for the control of machines used in various industrial sectors.
The wide product range offered by Ever Elettronica is composed of complete open structured and ready-to-use hardware and software packages, existing of integrated drive lines and standalone programmables, PLCs with motion controller, gateway, HMI, software tools for the realization of custom applications by the client and, last but not least, drives and synchronous brushless and stepper motors of high quality and performance, suited for direct assembly on the load axle, and other electrical and mechanical automation components.
Ever Elettronica packages of ready-to-use, versatile and high reliable solutions, in open and closed loop, are foreseen of complete software tools developed to guarantee clients a fast and easy installation of their application. The consolidated application programs of Ever Elettronica for specific automation needs in various industrial sectors easily interact with the user by simplifying the development and performances optimization of the solutions.





The growing number of not occasional clients of complete, ready-to-use solutions, open to best in class technologies, is Ever Elettronica’s tangible success indicator for the accomplishment of their vision.
Some of the most prestigious industrial brands in the various industrial areas which rely on Ever Elettronica, and are satisfied about the significant obtained results are:

Food packaging systems

Ricciarelli S.p.A.
Sitma Machinery S.p.A.
Marchesini Group S.p.A.

Labelling heads

Avery Dennyson GmbH
Cicrespi Engineering srl
Labelpack srl
Skanem skurup AB

Paper processing machinery

Petratto srl
Lombardi srl

Packaging and filling machines

Arol S.p.A.
TwinPack Macchine Automatiche srl

X-ray machines

Blue X Imaging srl
Ralco srl
IMS srl

Tobacco packaging systems

G.D. S.p.A.
Sasib S.p.A.

Office automation


CTS Group S.p.A.
Panini S.p.A.
Coges S.p.A.

Ceramics machinery

SACMI Group Gaiotto S.p.A.
Tecno Italia srl


Itema spa
Tecnotessile srl

Measurement systems

Società Cooperativa Bilanciai srl
Microrep srl

Woodprocessing machinery

SCM Group S.p.A.
Omec srl

Complex labelling systems

IMA S.p.A.
BRB Globus srl

Electronic assembly machines

Aurel Automation S.p.A.
TWS Automation srl

Medical systems srl
Pfizer Latina srl
D.A.S. srl

Flexographic and Converting systems

Uteco S.p.A.
Grafikontrol S.p.A.
Saldoflex srl

Cable processing systems

Curti Costruzioni Meccaniche S.p.A.
K.M.I. Trade srl
Samp S.p.A.

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