Open Day to celebrate 45 years of EVER ELETTRONICA

1977-2022: 45 years ago, at the dawn of the italian electronics development, when there was the desire to discover and develop a sector as fascinating as still not beaten, the forward-looking business project of Ing. Caldi, always passionate builder and inventor, started.

Exploiting the proactive climate of the 70s, Ing. Caldi founded an innovative company operating in the field of electronic components and motion control solutions for industrial machinery.

Since then the time has been marked by successes linked to innovative products and cutting-edge technologies in the field of industrial automation: from being the first Research and Development company for electric drives to the launch on the market of the first and innovative programmable stepper drive based on microprocessor, from the introduction of the first complete line for the electronic boards assembling to the first assembly line for stepper motors installed in Lodi.

Through the design and construction of stepper and brushless motors and drives, Ever Elettronica now provides many important national and international manufacturers of automatic machines solutions for every motion control application.

A constant, committed and profitable work, carried out over the years with dedication and passion by Ing. Caldi with his wife Antonia Moro and their sons Matteo and Filippo who, togheter with their team, will be waiting for you on 21st september 2022 for the Open Day dedicated to the celebration of 45 years of activity: for the occasion, Ever Elettronica will open the doors of the headquarter and the production unit located in Lodi, via del Commercio, within the active industrial area of San Grato.

During the event, open to both established customers and anyone who wants to know a solid and technologically advanced reality, you can visit the offices, the hardware and software design department of our stepper motors and brushless motors -with their relative stepper drives and brushless drives- and the production plant where, thanks to the latest generation of machinery whose operation can be seen, our drives are created.

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Date: 21 September 2022
Time: 9:00 AM - 7:00 PM
Duration: 10:00:00

Open Day to celebrate 45 years of EVER ELETTRONICA

Ever Elettronica
Via del Commercio, 2/4 - 9/11 - Loc. San Grato Z.I.
26900 Lodi
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