Find out what Safe Torque Off STO is and how it works on our drives for stepper motors and brushless motors!

To best respond to the increasing need of being always interconnected, we developed the web server functionality for our multifunction controller IMP Unit, which allows you to be connected to your device wherever you are. Find out more!

Have a virtual trip in our motors factory: you will see step by step how we create and customize our stepper and BLDC motors!

Internal production of our drives is our strenght, as it means Made in Italy quality for our customers. Find out what happens "behind the scenes".

High Efficiency stepper motors are designed and manufactured to optimize the motors performance. High efficiency stepper motors have up to 40% more torque than standard stepper motors. Discover our range of high efficiency stepper motors!

Profinet, born to be the heir of Profibus, it based over Ethernet and its main aims are the project and plant commissioning costs reduction through an easy integration between the automation Ethernet-based devices and the Siemens devices. Read more about our Profinet drives for stepper motors and brushless motors!

Modbus is a communication protocol among the most widely used standards in the world of industrial devices. All our devices equipped with a serial interface (RS232 or RS485) implement and support the Modbus RTU protocol, while all the new generation devices that have an Ethernet interface support Modbus TCP/IP. Discover more!

EtherCAT is a fieldbus which meet the need of a standard high performance industrial communication protocol based on an Ethernet network. EtherCAT uses the frame and physical layer of the IEEE 802.3 Ethernet standard and is currently considered the fastest industrial Ethernet solution Discover our wide range of EtherCAT products!

CANbus fieldbus with DS301 protocol.

CANbus fieldbus with CANopen (DS402) protocol.

The Profibus DP fieldbus is a protocol created to be used in the industrial automation field, characterized by an high data exchange rate (up to 12Mbit) and it’s a very popular fieldbus in systems with Siemens and Omron PLCs. Ever Elettronica introduced support for the Profibus DP protocol in 2004. Discover more about our Profibus DP programmable 2-phase stepper motor drives with PLC functionality!

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