Our products are approved and certified to guarantee high quality standards that can satisfy our customers.

Here's the available certifications:

Here below you can download our quality certificates!

CE certifications related to the following products:

 Standard stepper motors from size NEMA08 to NEMA17 series:
 MT08HE, MT10HE, MT12HE, MT14HE, MT17HE.
 Standard stepper motors from size NEMA23 to NEMA24 series:
 MT23HE, MT23HT, MT24HE.
 Standard stepper motors from size NEMA34 to NEMA42 series:
 MT34HE, MT42HE.


RoHS, Reach and Conflict Materials certification:
 Annual certification valid for all products

UL recognized certification:
 Series drives SW5A9052
 Series drives SW5A5080
 Series drives AW5A91K5
 Series drives SDMWA170
 Series drives SDMWD170
 Stepper motor MT24HE35030M4F2

STO certification: 
 Series drives SW5A9052
 Series dirves SW5A5080
 Series drives AW5A91K5

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