Brushless DC coreless motors: an evolutionary leap in the field

Publication: 1 March 2024 12:00 AM
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Brushless DC coreless motors: an evolutionary leap in the field

The coreless motor represents a revolutionary innovation in the field of brushless and brushed motors.
This motor is characterized by wrapping around itself instead of an iron core, creating a dense, self-supporting structure secured in place with the use of epoxy resin.

This unique design offers a number of benefits:

  • High efficiency: coreless motors are known for their low power consumption.
  • Very low moment of inertia resulting in greater acceleration than conventional motors.
  • Low inductance, which contributes to the long lifetime of coreless motors.
  • Compact design with good volume-to-power ratio.
  • No magnetic coupling.
  • Low electromagnetic interference.
  • High reliability due to their robust construction and innovative design.

Varying applications of coreless motors

This type of motor finds application in a wide range of industries due to their efficiency, positioning accuracy, and lightweight construction.
They are ideal for dynamic applications in various fields, including robotics projects, medical devices, aerospace, defense and surveillance. In addition, they are suitable for use in large-format printing machines, laser cutting machines, test and electronics machines, watchmaking, computer numerical control (CNC) machines, the textile industry, photocopiers, plotters, printers, and electromedical instruments.

> With a coreless motor, the possibilities for designers are virtually endless

The industry for these devices is experiencing significant growth due to increased demand for miniaturization in various sectors such as consumer electronics, medical devices, and robotics. Coreless motors offer high power density, meaning significant power output relative to their size and weight: this makes them suitable for applications where space is limited but high performance is required, such as in portable devices, drones, and small robots.

Progress in power electronics, including improvements in motor control algorithms and energy management systems, also offer opportunities to enhance the performance and efficiency of coreless motors: integration with advanced control systems and intelligent motor drivers can optimize motor operation and expand the range of their applications.

Brushless DC coreless motors designed and produced by Ever Elettronica

Ever Elettronica brings its many years of experience in the arena to provide customized solutions to customer specifications - thanks in part to our motor production facility at Montanaso Lombardo (Lodi) in close proximity to our design offices, where experts in the field process our motion control solutions.
This makes us the ideal partner for those seeking the best in electronics for the control of coreless motors in terms of quality, reliability, and performance.

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