Brushless outrotor motors: unique configuration for outstanding performance

Publication: 10 April 2024 12:00 AM
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Brushless outrotor motors: unique configuration for outstanding performance

Outrotor brushless motors - designed and produced by Ever Elettronica - are an innovative type of motor: with their unique configuration, which places the permanent magnets on the outside of the rotor, they are able to guarantee exceptional performance, unparalleled efficiency and real benefits in a wide range of application fields.

Energy efficiency is a key strength of this type of motor, which in fact uses significantly less energy than conventional motors: this translates into real financial savings and less environmental impact.

These advantages are due to the external structure that allows greater heat dissipation, reducing energy losses. The external structure also allows for reduced vibration and noise, making these motors ideal for environments that require quiet operation. Another benefit of the outer structure is its ability to compensate for centrifugal forces due to magnets arranged over a larger metal surface area than the outer rotor.

The result is a compact, lightweight and powerful motor that delivers outstanding performance in speed, torque and precision.

Main features at a glance

  • reduced size and weight for lower power consumption attested by the motors' classification as Super premium IE5;
  • advanced electronic control;
  • higher inertia, suitable for applications requiring high torque at low speeds;
  • higher power-to-weight ratio than conventional motors, bringing better control and stability even in small space applications.

Application areas

Also known as "outrunner motors," they are suitable for different types of applications differentiated by the power required.

- Small power (up to 100 W) - motors known for their compactness and lightness, ideal for applications requiring a short drive solution with high torque:

  • Drones
  • Miniaturized robots
  • Medical devices

- Medium power (100 W to 1 kW) - known for offering a balance between power and size:

  • Pumps
  • Ventilators
  • Power tools
  • Electric bicycles
  • Industrial automation

- High power (over 1 kW) - known to offer both power and robustness:

  • Electric vehicles
  • Industrial robots
  • Machine tools
  • Cooling towers

With the introduction of brushless outrotor motors, Ever Elettronica reinforces its commitment to offering innovative and tailor-made solutions to its customers.
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