Companies in the time of Industry 4.0

Publication: 26 June 2020 12:00 AM
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Companies in the time of Industry 4.0

ENOS company, located in Canelli, has relied on Ever to meet the new trends in the intelligent industry

An increasing number of manufacturers of automatic machines has full digital motion control solutions able to increase the productivity and the production quality of the machines, enlivened in total integration with the final destination environment.

Industry 4.0, a trend towards which industrial automation is increasingly moving, requires:
  • machine control solutions configured for software implementation, even remotely
  • total usability of operating data, stored in the cloud, at any time and in any place
  • predictive maintainance: real-time diagnostics of the parameters and operating status of the device, accurate and reliable in identifying the time before ordinary or extraordinary maintenance
  • HMI interfaces increasingly easy and comprehensive to use and read
  • possibility of setup during the installation and / or restoring the operating conditions of the machine remotely in a cyber security context

Case History: Enos di Canelli       

For decades, ENOS Srl has been producing machines for applying adhesive glue labels especially for small and medium-sized wineries.
By now there are more than 20,000 machines in cellars all over the world.

Recently, they installed a new operator panel on their machines that is able to provide all the data about the operation of the drives in real time, allowing access to them easily and at any time. Ever Elettronica's solutions, specifically a customized line of CANopen bus drives, provided the possibility of monitoring all the operating parameters of the systems on a digital panel.

This data can also be accessed remotely and, always remotely, it is possible to update and implement new functions of the application software installed on the machine, thanks to the complete accessibility to the machine data.

Ever Elettronica drives range from classic fieldbus drives, from the basic CANopen and Modbus RTU to the most recent Ethernet buses, starting from the Ethernet TCP / IP bus, and they provide the possibility of a complete tracing of the machine for its entire life, beginning with the installation.

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