Incoming Material Station: a new step for greater efficiency

Publication: 1 December 2022 12:00 AM
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Incoming Material Station: a new step for greater efficiency
Incoming Material Station: a new step for greater efficiency

Ever Elettronica's internal production has recently been upgraded with a new stage: the initial step of inbound material cataloguing has been optimised in efficiency and speed thanks to the Incoming Material Station.

This station gives operators the ability to speed up material registration activities, avoid errors and increase material traceability within production.

Thanks to the Auto-Incoming functions, material information can be automatically imported into the system and a new unique ID can be generated and printed.

In this way, the operator only has to record - by using a scanner gun or by scanning directly onto the optical glass - the barcodes on the bill of parcel of material that has arrived: the station will then associate them with the pre-existing data in the management system, reporting the arrival of the material. It is also possible to place the material on the optical glass and take a photo for traceability purposes. At the end, a new label will be printed, with a new unique code on it.

This code allows traceability to cover not only the arrival of the material in production, but its very presence in the warehouse. In fact, thanks to the palmtops they are equipped with, operators will be able to easily trace the material catalogued using the new unique code and, should they need to take a sample, report this action: thanks to this it is possible to keep track of the movement of the material within the production itself.

A general optimization, therefore, for what concern the speed, the efficiency and the reliability of incoming materials cataloguing process: traceability is in fact perfected for a better standard of quality, allowing the history of the material to be recorded upon arrival and entry into our internal process.

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