Our production line

Publication: 2 November 2017 12:00 AM
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Our production line
Our production line
Our production line
Our production line

Products quality is the result of a precise and controlled production process: let’s find out what happens behind the scenes.

For an high quality products, we believe that, from the beginning to the end of the production process, no details should be overlooked

Here there are the new electronic components warehouses, which allow, thanks to real-time encoding, fast preparation of material orders with a related reduction in loading times and eliminating the risk of error on using components.

The latest generation pick & place machines work together: one machine for placing small components in large quantities, the other one for the assembly of more critical and larger components, with significant benefits for the complete production’s cycle.

The reflow oven, with its right preheating and cooling made possible by the 16 reflowing zones and 2 cooling zones, allows that the electronic boards do not suffer from thermal shocks that would not be ideal for soldering.

Ever Elettronica also means:

  • visual inspection of the assembly real-time analysis and resolution with the microscope
  • electronically tested boards with a flying probe machine or with a bed of nails tester machine
  • electronic boards treated in an air-conditioned environment with controlled humidity and in a protected ESD area, where all the measures are taken to ensure that the product does not run the risk of damage
  • custom configuration for the customer accurate products traceability, which allows us to have the complete story of each electronic board. 

...now you just have to test our products!

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