UL certified multiprotocol drives

Publication: 8 February 2024 12:00 AM
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UL certified multiprotocol drives

The series of multiprotocol drives designed and produced by Ever Elettronica has received UL certification, stating that the products meet the safety regulations in force in the United States and Canada.

The two series AW5D (AC motor controllers) and SW5D (stepper motor controllers) were launched in the second half of 2023: capable of communicating with a wide range of major fieldbuses on the market - without any hardware modification but with a simple software setup - these drives are the ideal solution for flexible use after fast and user-friendly configuration.

> What does Multiprotocol mean <

UL certification is a further validation of the efficiency of the two Multiprotocol series, which are capable of optimizing the performance of applications in full conformity with current regulations.

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