Brushless DC with integrated drives

Rated voltage
[Ncm] min.
Rated current
Numero di fili 
Mono o bialbero 
Tipo di controllo elettronica integrata 
Tensione alimentazione elettronica integrata
DM4D1026C2R1BS0d0380NEMA 1.7" - 42 mm square24.006.2526.000.003-41.00Single shaftFieldbus CANbus DS40224.00
DM4D1052C2R1CS0d0380NEMA 1.7" - 42 mm square24.0015.0052.510.60-61.00Single shaftFieldbus CANbus DS40224.00
DM4D1078C2R1DS0d0380NEMA 1.7" - 42 mm square24.0022.0077.515.50-81.00Single shaftFieldbus CANbus DS40224.00
DM4D1104C2R1ES0d0380NEMA 1.7" - 42 mm square24.0030.00104,020.00-96.00Single shaftFieldbus CANbus DS40224.00
LMED3B1NEMA 1.7" - 42 mm square24.006.2526.000.007 pins for power supply and control71.00Single shaftVoltage/Speed analog reference24.00
LMED3C1NEMA 1.7" - 42 mm square24.0012.5052.000.007 pins for power supply and control91.00Single shaftVoltage/Speed analog reference24.00
LMED3D1NEMA 1.7" - 42 mm square24.0018.5078.000.007 pins for power supply and control111.00Single shaftVoltage/Speed analog reference24.00
LMED3E1NEMA 1.7" - 42 mm square24.0025.00104.000.007 pins for power supply and control130.00Single shaftVoltage/Speed analog reference24.00
LMED5B1NEMA 2.3" - Ø 57 mm round36.0011.0046.000.007 pins for power supply and control84.00Single shaftVoltage/Speed analog reference36.00
LMED5C1NEMA 2.3" - Ø 57 mm round36.0022.0092.000.007 pins for power supply and control104.00Single shaftVoltage/Speed analog reference36.00
LMED5D1NEMA 2.3" - Ø 57 mm round36.0032.00134.000.007 pins for power supply and control124.00Single shaftVoltage/Speed analog reference36.00
LMED5E1NEMA 2.3" - Ø 57 mm round36.0044.00184.000.007 pins for power supply and control144.00Single shaftVoltage/Speed analog reference36.00