Smart Motor

Power supply voltage 
Output current 
Interface control mode 
Open or Close loop 
[A/ph rms] 
[A/ph peak] 
SM4A342PC242BN0c0380  18560. CANopen (DS402)Open loop
SM4A342PC242B40c0380  18560. CANopen (DS402)Closed loop
SM4A342PC272BN0c0380  18560. CANopen (DS402)Open loop
SM4A342PC272B40c0380  18560. CANopen (DS402)Closed loop
SM4A342PC242CN0c0380  18560. CANopen (DS402)Open loop
SM4A342PC242C40c0380  18560. CANopen (DS402)Closed loop
SM4A342PC272CN0c0380  18560. CANopen (DS402)Open loop
SM4A342PC272C40c0380  18560. CANopen (DS301)Closed loop
SM4A342PC242DN0c0380  18560. CANopen (DS402)Open loop
SM4A342PC242D40c0380  18560. CANopen (DS402)Closed loop
SM4A342PC272DN0c0380  18560. CANopen (DS402)Open loop
SM4A342PC242EN0c0380  18560. CANopen (DS402)Open loop
SM4A342PC242E40c0380  18560. CANopen (DS402)Closed loop
SM4A342PC272EN0c0380  18560. CANopen (DS402)Open loop
SM4A342PC272E40c0380  18560. CANopen (DS402)Closed loop
SM5A485PC023AN0c0380  181000. CANopen (DS402)Open loop
SM5A485PC033AN0c0380   181000. CANopen (DS402)Open loop
SM5A485PC023AM0c0380  181000. CANopen (DS402)Closed loop with incremental and absolute single turn encoder
SM5A485PC033AM0c0380  181000. CANopen (DS402)Closed loop with incremental and absolute single turn encoder
SM5A485PC023AB0c0380  181000. CANopen (DS402)Closed loop with absolute multiturn encoder
SM5A485PC033AB0c0380  181000. CANopen (DS402)Closed loop with absolute multiturn encoder
SM5A485PC023BN0c0380  181000. CANopen (DS402)Open loop
SM5A485PC033BN0c0380  181000. CANopen (DS402)Open loop
SM5A485PC023BM0c0380  181000. CANopen (DS402)Closed loop with incremental and absolute single turn encoder
SM5A485PC033BM0c0380  181000. CANopen (DS402)Closed loop with incremental and absolute single turn encoder
SM5A485PC023BB0c0380  181000. CANopen (DS402)Closed loop with absolute multiturn encoder
SM5A485PC033BB0c0380  181000. CANopen (DS402)Closed loop with absolute multiturn encoder
SM5A485PC023CN0c0380  181000. CANopen (DS402)Open loop
SM5A485PC033CN0c0380  181000. CANopen (DS402)Open loop
SM5A485PC023CM0c0380  181000. CANopen (DS402)Closed loop with incremental and absolute single turn encoder
SM5A485PC033CM0c0380  181000. CANopen (DS402)Closed loop with incremental and absolute single turn encoder
SM5A485PC023CB0c0380  181000. CANopen (DS402)Closed loop with absolute multiturn encoder
SM5A485PC033CB0c0380  181000. CANopen (DS402)Closed loop with absolute multiturn encoder
SM5A485PC023DN0c0380  181000. CANopen (DS402)Open loop
SM5A485PC033DN0c0380  181000. CANopen (DS402)Open loop
SM5A485PC023DM0c0380  181000. CANopen (DS402)Closed loop with incremental and absolute single turn encoder
SM5A485PC033DM0c0380  181000. CANopen (DS402)Closed loop with incremental and absolute single turn encoder
SM5A485PC023DB0c0380  181000. CANopen (DS402)Closed loop with absolute multiturn encoder
SM5A485PC033DB0c0380  181000. CANopen (DS402)Closed loop with absolute multiturn encoder
SM5A485PC023EN0c0380  181000. CANopen (DS402)Open loop
SM5A485PC033EN0c0380  181000. CANopen (DS402)Open loop
SM5A485PC023EM0c0380  181000. CANopen (DS402)Closed loop with incremental and absolute single turn encoder
SM5A485PC033EM0c0380  181000. CANopen (DS402)Closed loop with incremental and absolute single turn encoder
SM5A485PC033EB0c0380  181000. CANopen (DS402)Closed loop with absolute multiturn encoder
SM2A560PC043AN0c0300  1810008.0011.0Serial RS485 Modbus RTUOpen loop
SM2A660PC043AN0c0300  1810008.0011.0CANBus CANopen (DS301)Open loop
SM2A560PC043A40c0300  1810008.0011.0CANBus CANopen (DS301)Closed loop
SM2A660PC043A40c0300  1810008.0011.0CANBus CANopen (DS301)Closed loop
SM2A560PN243AN0c0400  1810008.0011.0Serial RS485 Modbus RTUOpen loop
SM2A660PN243AN0c0400  1810008.0011.0Serial RS485 Modbus RTUOpen loop
SM2A560PN243A40c0400  1810008.0011.0Serial RS485 Modbus RTUClosed loop
SM2A660PN243A40c0400  1810008.0011.0Serial RS485 Modbus RTUClosed loop
SM2A560PN343AN0c0400  1810008.0011.0Serial RS232/RS485 Modbus RTUOpen loop
SM2A660PN343AN0c0400  1810008.0011.0Serial RS232/RS485 Modbus RTUOpen loop
SM2A560PN343A40c0400  1810008.0011.0Serial RS485 Modbus RTUClosed loop
SM2A660PN343A40c0400  1810008.0011.0Serial RS485 Modbus RTUClosed loop
SM2A660PN363A40c0400  1810008.0011.0Serial RS485 Modbus RTUClosed loop
SM2A560PC043BN0c0300  1810008.0011.0CANBus CANopen (DS301)Open loop
SM2A660PC043BN0c0300  1810008.0011.0CANBus CANopen (DS301)Open loop
SM2A560PC043B40c0300  1810008.0011.0CANBus CANopen (DS301)Closed loop
SM2A660PC043B40c0300  1810008.0011.0CANBus CANopen (DS301)Closed loop
SM2A560PN243BN0c0400  1810008.0011.0Serial RS485 Modbus RTUOpen loop
SM2A660PN243BN0c0400  1810008.0011.0Serial RS485 Modbus RTUOpen loop
SM2A560PN243B40c0400  1810008.0011.0Serial RS485 Modbus RTUClosed loop
SM2A660PN243B40c0400  1810008.0011.0Serial RS485 Modbus RTUClosed loop
SM2A560PN343BN0c0400  1810008.0011.0Serial RS232/RS485 Modbus RTUOpen loop
SM2A660PN343BN0c0400  1810008.0011.0Serial RS232/RS485 Modbus RTUOpen loop
SM2A560PN343B40c0400  1810008.0011.0Serial RS485 Modbus RTUClosed loop
SM2A660PN343B40c0400  1810008.0011.0Serial RS485 Modbus RTUClosed loop
SM2A660PN363B40c0400  1810008.0011.0Serial RS485 Modbus RTUClosed loop
SM2A560PC043CN0c0300  1810008.0011.0CANBus CANopen (DS301)Open loop
SM2A660PC043CN0c0300  1810008.0011.0CANBus CANopen (DS301)Open loop
SM2A560PC043C40c0300  1810008.0011.0CANBus CANopen (DS301)Closed loop
SM2A660PC043C40c0300  1810008.0011.0CANBus CANopen (DS301)Closed loop
SM2A560PN243CN0c0400  1810008.0011.0Serial RS485 Modbus RTUOpen loop
SM2A660PN243CN0c0400  1810008.0011.0Serial RS485 Modbus RTUOpen loop
SM2A560PN243C40c0400  1810008.0011.0Serial RS485 Modbus RTUClosed loop
SM2A660PN243C40c0400  1810008.0011.0Serial RS485 Modbus RTUClosed loop
SM2A560PN343CN0c0400  1810008.0011.0Serial RS232/RS485 Modbus RTUOpen loop
SM2A660PN343CN0c0400  1810008.0011.0Serial RS232/RS485 Modbus RTUOpen loop
SM2A560PN343C40c0400  1810008.0011.0Serial RS485 Modbus RTUClosed loop
SM2A660PN343C40c0400  1810008.0011.0Serial RS485 Modbus RTUClosed loop
SM2A660PN363C40c0400  1810008.0011.0Serial RS485 Modbus RTUClosed loop
SM2A560PC043DN0c0300  1810008.0011.0CANBus CANopen (DS301)Open loop
SM2A660PC043DN0c0300  1810008.0011.0CANBus CANopen (DS301)Open loop
SM2A560PC043D40c0300  1810008.0011.0CANBus CANopen (DS301)Closed loop
SM2A560PC043D40c0327  1810008.0011.0CANBus CANopen (DS301)Closed loop
SM2A660PC043D40c0300  1810008.0011.0CANBus CANopen (DS301)Closed loop
SM2A560PN243DN0c0400  1810008.0011.0Serial RS485 Modbus RTUOpen loop
SM2A660PN243DN0c0400  1810008.0011.0Serial RS485 Modbus RTUOpen loop
SM2A560PN243D40c0400  1810008.0011.0Serial RS485 Modbus RTUClosed loop
SM2A660PN243D40c0400  1810008.0011.0Serial RS485 Modbus RTUClosed loop
SM2A560PN343DN0c0400  1810008.0011.0Serial RS232/RS485 Modbus RTUOpen loop
SM2A660PN343DN0c0400  1810008.0011.0Serial RS232/RS485 Modbus RTUOpen loop
SM2A560PN343D40c0400  1810008.0011.0Serial RS485 Modbus RTUClosed loop
SM2A660PN343D40c0400  1810008.0011.0Serial RS485 Modbus RTUClosed loop
SM2A660PN363D40c0400  1810008.0011.0Serial RS485 Modbus RTUClosed loop
SM2A560PC043EN0c0300  1810008.0011.0CANBus CANopen (DS301)Open loop
SM2A660PC043EN0c0300  1810008.0011.0CANBus CANopen (DS301)Open loop
SM2A560PC043E40c0300  1810008.0011.0CANBus CANopen (DS301)Closed loop
SM2A660PC043E40c0300  1810008.0011.0CANBus CANopen (DS301)Closed loop
SM2A560PN243EN0c0400  1810008.0011.0Serial RS485 Modbus RTUOpen loop
SM2A660PN243EN0c0400  1810008.0011.0Serial RS485 Modbus RTUOpen loop
SM2A560PN243E40c0400  1810008.0011.0Serial RS485 Modbus RTUClosed loop
SM2A660PN243E40c0400  1810008.0011.0Serial RS485 Modbus RTUClosed loop
SM2A560PN343EN0c0400  1810008.0011.0Serial RS232/RS485 Modbus RTUOpen loop
SM2A660PN343EN0c0400  1810008.0011.0Serial RS232/RS485 Modbus RTUOpen loop
SM2A560PN343E40c0400  1810008.0011.0Serial RS485 Modbus RTUClosed loop
SM2A660PN343E40c0400  1810008.0011.0Serial RS485 Modbus RTUClosed loop
SM2A660PN363E40c0400  1810008.0011.0Serial RS485 Modbus RTUClosed loop


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