Power supply voltage 18 [Vac] ÷ 100 [Vac]
Separated logic power supply 18 [Vac] ÷ 100 [Vac]
Output current 0.0 [A/ph rms] ÷ 8.5 [A/ph rms] 0.0 [A/ph peak] ÷ 12.0 [A/ph peak]
Interface control mode Profinet
Digital inputs 6 optoisolated inputs +1 isolated interface for incremental encoder 5V differential RS422 or 5V Single -Ended (TTL/CMOS)
Digital outputs 4 optoisolated digital outputs
Analog inputs 2 inputs not isolated
Open or Close loop Open loop or Closed loop
Step resolution Stepless Control Technology (65536 emulated positions per turn)
Safety protections over/under-voltage, over current, overheating, short circuit between motor phase to phase and phase to ground
Operative temperature 5 [°C] ~ 40 [°C]
Storage temperature -25 [°C] ~ +55 [°C]
Humidity 5 [%] ~ 85 [%]
Protection class IP20
Dimensions H x L x W 165.0 [mm] x 48.0 [mm] x 120.0 [mm]
Weight 0.39 [Kg.]
Software settings and connections SCI service interface for configuration and debug in real time.

Principal features

● Vectorial control
● Fieldbus Profinet for a greater bandwidth and for more stations on the network
● Closed loop of torque, speed and position
● Serial service for real time programming and debugging


● Slave Mode - c0990 Profinet. Drive control through commands by Master Controller. Profinet is used for data exchange between master controllers (PLC) and devices in the application and uses the proven communication model of Profibus DP extended with Ethernet as communication medium.
● Developed with the Enhanced Real-Time Ethernet Controller 200P (Siemens V4.6 PN Stack inside)
● GSDML v2.35 file
● IRT switch for dual Ethernet ports
● Drives can be controlled over Profinet as an IO device
● Support RT (Real Time) protocol for Profinet IO, for applications with up to 10 ms cycle time: module 64 bytes I, 64 bytes O
● Support IRT (Isochronous Real Time) protocol for Profinet IO, for applications with less than 1 ms cycle time: module 64 bytes I IRT, 64 bytes bytes O IRT
● 64 bytes (Input) and 64 bytes (Output) to transfer IO data between the IO controller and the IO devices; 16 bytes (I/O) are fixed mapped; 40 bytes (I/O) may be variably mapped to desidered functions using e3PLC; 8 bytes (I/O) are used to R/W drive objects according to CANOpen SDO service
● Autonomous management of the firmware for the execution of the homing, of the target movement with relative or absolute quota and for the generation of the ramp profiles
● Torque mode for operation with torque limitation
● Closed loop of torque, speed and position with encoder
● Speed control thanks to digital inputs, analogue inputs or fieldbus
● Electronic CAM with advanced programming of internal profiles inside the drive or electric shaft with encoder or analogue input with variable tracking ratio (Electric Gear)
● Fast inputs and outputs for motor’ start & stop and event synchronization for high speed response applications such as labeling, nick finder, flying saw etc.
● Possibility to synchronize the movements in multi-axis systems, even without fieldbus and enabling and on-the-fly changing of the motion control modes


 Code       Description                     
 SW5A4KIT-C4                                          Connectors kit for cabling                               


 Code       Description                     
 SW5_SERV00-EE      Kit software for drive configuration with e3PLC Studio + 200 cm service serial cable and serial/USB converter

Stepper drives > Two phases > Fieldbus > Titanio > SW5A4085T2N1-00c0990

Profinet, born to be the heir of Profibus, it based over Ethernet and its main aims are the project and plant commissioning costs reduction through an easy integration between the automation Ethernet-based devices and the Siemens devices.

Thanks to the ELSE technology integrated in the Ever Elettronica’s drives motors current control is so high that vibrations, resonances and noises don’t exist anymore.


Drive control through commands by master controller. Suitable for multi axes systems, built in powerfull Motion Module functionality assures perfect synchronization among axes and reduces master controller workload.


Connection for the parameters configuration is made through SCI service serial interface and the software e3PLC Studio that allow easy and quick configuration, a real time debug and a supervision of each system.

Stepper drives > Two phases > Fieldbus > Titanio > SW5A4085T2N1-00c0990


Stepper drives > Two phases > Fieldbus > Titanio > SW5A4085T2N1-00c0990

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IDE environment for the Linea Titanio drives programming.

IDE environment for the Linea Titanio drives programming.

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