Power supply voltage 18 [Vac] ÷ 100 [Vac]
Separated logic power supply 24 [Vcc] ÷ 24 [Vcc]
Output current 0.0 [A/ph rms] ÷ 8.5 [A/ph rms] 0.0 [A/ph peak] ÷ 12.0 [A/ph peak]
Interface control mode CANBus CANopen (DS402)
Power stage H-bridge bipolar 40 kHz ultrasonic chopper
Digital inputs 4 optoisolated
Digital outputs 3 optoisolated
Analog inputs 2 for potentiometer or ±10Vdc
Open or Close loop Closed loop with incremental and absolute single turn encoder
Step resolution Stepless Control Technology (65536 emulated positions per turn)
Safety protections Over/under-voltage, Over Current, over Temperature, short circuit phase/phase and phase/ground
Operative temperature 5 [°C] ~ 40 [°C]
Storage temperature -25 [°C] ~ +55 [°C]
Humidity 5 [%] ~ 85 [%]
Protection class IP65
Dimensions H x L x W 135.0 [mm] x 86.0 [mm] x 218 [mm]
Weight 6.20 [Kg.]
Bipolar holding torque 1250 [Ncm] min.
Rotor inertia 5700 [g.cm²]
Encoder Incremental and absolute single turn

Principal features

● Vectorial control
● IP65 protection class
● AC power supply
● Compact size
● Low mechanical noise and low vibrations
● Stepless control technology
● Closed loop of torque, speed and position with incremental and absolute single turn encoder
● Programmable with e3PLC Studio IDE


Ever co. proprietary PC Software Tools for easy and quick configuration or programming, real time debug and supervision of each system
Wide range of Positioning Control Modes (homing, relative, absolute, target) and autonomous management of the firmware for the execution of the homing, of the target movement with relative or absolute quota and for the generation of the ramp profiles
Torque mode for operation with torque limitation
Speed control thanks to digital inputs, analogues inputs or fieldbus
Electronic CAM with advanced programming of internal profiles inside the drive
Electric shaft with encoder or analogue input with variable tracking ratio (Electric Gear)
Fast inputs and outputs for motor’ start & stop and event synchronization for high speed response applications such as labeling, nick finder, flying saw etc.
Possibility to synchronize the movements in multiaxis systems, even without fieldbus
Enabling and on-the-fly changing of the motion control modes
Full programmable and suitable to 'stand alone' applications or in a multiaxles systems (up top 25 drives)
The SM series are high performances and programmable vector drives with integrated motor and with PLC functionalities. Suitable for a 'Stand Alone' use, can be connected to an HMI touch screen via CANbus (CANopen DS301/DS402) or via serial (Modbus-RTU) and to also other drives for single or multiaxles system. Consisting of a Full Digital vector drive with "Else" firmware, a high torque 50-pole NEMA34 motor and an incremental and absolute single turn encoder for closed loop control, the units are programmable through the e3PLC Studio IDE for Windows PC and  ​are available in a wide range of powers. The SM5A series, as well as combining compactness and power, offers maximum versatility and reliability, allowing considerable savings in wiring and electrical panels. With the hardware resources available in the different versions, together with the implementation of the Advanced Power Motion Module, you can operate your application in a quick and easy manner.


 Code       Description                     
 SM5A4KIT-C0Connectors kit for cabling                      
 SM5A4KIT-100Connectors kit with 1 mt. cables  


 Code       Description                     
 SM5_CAN-00      Software kit for drive programming with e3PLC Studio + 200 cm. serial cable with serial/USB converter

Stepper drives > Two phases > Programmables > Smart Motor > SM5A485PC033EM0c0390


Fieldbus drives with autonomous functioning that, by integrating advanced PLC and motion controller functions in one single device, programmable by the user with the IDE for Windows PC and e3PLC, allows to reduce the traditional machine control solution.


Connection for programming the unit and parameters configuration is made through fieldbus interface and the IDE e3PLC Studio that allow easy and quick programming, a real time debug and a supervision of each system.

Stepper drives > Two phases > Programmables > Smart Motor > SM5A485PC033EM0c0390

Mechanical drawing

Dimensions in mm

Stepper drives > Two phases > Programmables > Smart Motor > SM5A485PC033EM0c0390
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