Cashless and cash payment systems for automatic distribution

Cashless is the most popular payment method in the world of automatic distribution for several reasons:

  • the frequency of using cash decreases
  • users have access to a more hygienic personal payment tool (an aspect that in periods of pandemic, such as those we are going through, has proved to be very important to limit the spread of germs and viruses)
  • the operator may collect the sale in advance of the product’s delivery.

How can automation support cashless and cash payment systems?

Ever Elettronica, with 45 years of experience in industrial automation, offers small but powerful, high-performance and high efficiency motors; these are Nema 08 and Nema 10 sizes brushless DC motors, particularly suitable for banknotes readers and coin changegiver.

How does it actually work?

Our brushless DC motors applied to the coin changegiver:
  • drive the extraction of the coins from the tubes where they had been previously accumulated; each brushless DC motors drives a pair of tubes where- depending on the rotation direction of the motor- one of the two tubes of the pair is driven
  • control the extraction of the coin from the remaining accumulation tube.
Our brushless DC motors applied to banknote readers:
  • drives the banknote’s towing system inside the reader; the motor can be rotated in both directions depending on whether the banknote is being towed inside the reader or returned as not acceptable
  • operate the packaging machine that stacks the accepted banknotes in a special box.
But that’s not all: for these types of applications we also offer solutions with PM stepper motors with permanent magnets: compact, powerful and high-performance stepper motors, very low costs thanks to their small size that do not require particularly high production costs.
Stepper motors with permanent magnets can maintain a constant torque over the entire speed range, ensuring high efficiency even at low revolutions.

The absence of windings prevents copper dispersion within the field circuit, effectively increasing its efficiency.
Permanent magnet stepper motors are suitable for devices that require precise control.

Our stepper and brushless motion control solutions for the payment and vending systems industry are tested and considered as high quality and reliability products, over time, by leading manufacturers.

These are motion control solutions designed with advanced stepper and brushless DC technologies, flexible and highly customizable according to specific customer needs.

Vending > Cashless and cash payment systems for automatic distribution
Vending > Cashless and cash payment systems for automatic distribution

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