120 Vac drives for brushless AC servo motors

Publication: 16 February 2022 12:00 AM
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120 Vac drives for brushless AC servo motors

Our range of drives for AC brushless motors is completed with programmable drives with PLC functions, AC powered and complete with CANbus, Modbus and EtherCAT fieldbus for brushless AC motors.

These drives for AC brushless motors, with 100 ÷ 120 Vac power supply, have been specifically created for american and canadian markets; internally there is a voltage doubler to provide the motor with a voltage double than input voltage, thus they can also be connected to 240 Vac motors.

Equipped with safe inputs STO Safe Torque Off SIL3/Ple Certified, these drives for AC brushless motors also implement a SCI Serial interface for configuration and real time debugging.

These AC brushless drives can be completed with an incremental encoder and, mainly, with an absolute multi-turn encoder without battery 5 V with BiSS-C or SSI interface, a top of the range encoder at very competitive costs.

In addition to being equipped with the most common fieldbuses on the market such as Canopen, Modbus RTU and Ethercat, , which allow the interfacing with the most popular PLCs, what makes these integrated stepper drives so versatile is the programmability: with our easy and intuitive e3PLC Studio programming environment you can set all the desired parameters in a simple way, without the operator being required to know complicated programming languages.

Get more details here: AW5A6750 (everelettronica.com)

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