Brushless DC Motors with integrated electronics

Publication: 28 February 2022 12:00 AM
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Brushless DC Motors with integrated electronics

Equipping the motor with control electronics means significantly simplifying the movement management: the overall dimensions are considerably reduced and the cost of complicated wiring is saved.

This is what we call “smart motor", a remarkable success among our customers.

What do we mean by “Smart Motor”?

A Smart Motor is a stepper or brushless solution that allows to have excellent motion control performance (of stepper motors and brushless motors) in a single “all-in-one” device.

Ever Elettronica goes heavily on this type of solution, designed not only for stepper solutions but also for brushless solutions, considering it an excellent and advantageous solution for customers who use both technologies.

Specifically, we propose a compact solution, which combines the high performance of a brushless motor with a high-performance electronic control designed for the specific needs of the customer.

Our brushless DC motor with integrated programmable fieldbus drive main features:

  • Available from 26 to 184 Watt
  • Position, speed and torque control
  • Absolute single-turn encoder
  • CANopen with standard CANopen DS402 or with Modbus RTU Seriale
  • SCI Serial Service for real time configuration, programming and debug
  • Easy and fast programming with our IDE e3PLC

Ever Elettronica’s integrated systems adapt to different types of applications such as dynamic weighers, peristaltic pumps, conveyor belts and electric cylinders.

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