Digital servo drives with integrated safety functions

Publication: 18 May 2022 12:00 AM
Topic: News
Digital servo drives with integrated safety functions

The STO SIL3/Ple Safe Torque Off function is an extremely safe stop function: it ensures the stop leaving the drive’s logic on and interrupts power without damaging the drive or other motors parts.

The Safe Torque Off STO SIL3/Ple function is integrated in several Ever Elettronica digital servo drives for stepper motors or brushless motors and it is really advantageous because, compared to a normal enable input, it does not pass through a microprocessor but acts directly on the electronic circuit that powers the motor, ensuring the stop and leaving the drive’s logic on.

Because of our will to offer our customers an increased machine safety, reduced costs and time for the machines certification, a reduction of safety devices on the machine and wiring simplification with relative reduction of costs, we are implementing our range of STO SIL3/Ple Safe Torque Off certified drives:

The Safe Torque Off STO, which is the safety feature “par excellence” for most servo stepper and brushless drives manufacturers, can be found in different industrial applications, from conveyor belts to robotics.

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