Upgrading our SMD assembly line

Publication: 26 April 2022 12:00 AM
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Upgrading our SMD assembly line

Our production department is constantly evolving: the SMD (Surface Mounted Technology Process) assembly line of our stepper and brushless drives, which consists of a 2.5D optical control screen printer for the correct deposition of the soldering paste and a “Chip shooter” pick & place for placing small components in large quantities, has expanded and has been enhanced with the addition of two state-of-the-art machines: the laser marker, which ensures the product’s traceability, and the SPI (Solder paste inspection), installed to keep under control the quality of the soldering paste deposit.

How do the new machines work, specifically?

The laser marker, through a simple and targeted operation, allows you to start the traceability of each individual product.
Designed with CO2 technology, the laser marker allows you to engrave miniaturized data matrix on the PCBA, automatically and quickly obtaining the complete traceability of the product. In addition, the very high precision of the machinery allows you to quickly engrave complex codes while maintaining excellent resolution and excellent quality.

The SPI (Solder paste inspection) machine, installed to keep under control the process as well as the quality of the soldering paste deposition, reconstructs in 3d the paste deposit on the PCBA and optimizes the deposition parameters by automatic feedback with the screen printer; in this way, it speeds up the optimizing process of the paste deposit.

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