New ProfiNET dual-axis stepper drive

Publication: 1 April 2022 12:00 AM
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New ProfiNET dual-axis stepper drive

Our research and development department works every day to optimize the performance of our products, in order to ensure the best possible results for the customer.

With this in mind, always guided by our customers needs, we thought of a product that would allow the same high performance leading, at the same time, to wiring and costs reductions: this led to our new biaxal stepper drive with ProfiNET interface.

This compact solution-in closed loop from 12 to 48 V up to 10 A/peak for each motor- provides that the drive is viewed by the IO Controller as a single profinet IO Device (1 name , 1 Address IP, 1 Mac Address), thus saving 1 IP address.

The drive manages two independent stepper motors and the drive programming, through our easy and intuitive e3plc proprietary programming software, is independent for each motor.

This solution is new because of the implementation of a service USB interface for real time configuration, programming and debug.

USB-C interface: why?

This new drive can be connected to a PC for configuration and diagnostics with a standard USB-C cable, which makes the connection simple and does not require the addition of any additional converters.

Get more details>> SW4D2070T4S2-00c0990

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