Download our new motors catalogue!

Publication: 12 July 2022 12:00 AM
Topic: News
Download our new motors catalogue!

Our new motors catalogue is now available, in a completely revised version.

Turning the pages, you can see how our motors are "born" through the illustration and description of every steps of motors production, from the endbells machining to the final phase of motor’s functional testing.

And this is our plus: the internal design allows us to create highly customized motors, perfectly in line with customers needs.

The catalog has been designed simple and graphically "clean", so that technicians can take advantage of all the essential features useful for the smooth operation of the motors.

In the catalogue you will find the motors coding and their drives, the electrical specifications, the connection modes and the protection classes.

Additional features such as incremental encoder, gearbox, brake, multiturn absolute encoder, IP65 protection are indicated with colored icons.

You just have to discover our 3 families of stepper, brushless DC and brushless AC motors up to 1,5 KW of power: for each motor are indicated the characteristics, the torque diagrams and the mechanical drawings.

Nothing is missing: download it and find the best motor for you!

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