When do we need an encoder? And a brake?

Publication: 2 August 2022 12:00 AM
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When do we need an encoder? And a brake?

The encoder -incremental or absolute single/multiturn encoder- is a fundamental component of the stepper motor (or brushless motor): it allows to know the real position of the motor during all the movement profile.

When the general power supply is lacking, it is very important to be able to ensure the maintenance of the motor’s position and, above all, to ensure the safety of the application; it is the brake, in this case, to come into play.

In order to guarantee the safety and maintenance of the motor position at the same time, we propose an advantageous, unique and compact solution: a high efficiency stepper motor (or brushless motor) with integrated incremental brake and encoder.

This type of motor is available in NEMA 17, NEMA 23, NEMA 24 and NEMA 34 sizes, with IP40 protection with outgoing cables and with IP65 protection with the most common industrial connectors (connettori M12 etc.).

The incremental encoder, with a resolution of 1000 ppr and a supply voltage of 5 [Vcc] ~ 5 [Vcc], or the absolute multiturn encoder without battery with biss-C or SSI interface, are added to a rear mounted brake- the latter of power proportional to the size and characteristics of the motor.

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