Products traceability: why is it important?

Publication: 23 August 2022 12:00 AM
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Products traceability: why is it important?

Traceability is the fundamental process through which the product is followed from beginning to end, in every phase.
During each phase, precise information is released both in relation to operators and material flows, so that it is always clear "when and where the product was produced and by whom".

Managing this information allows to have feedback on the effectiveness of corrective and improvement actions, as well as to intervene in a targeted and timely way on any quality problems that could not be intercepted during the production cycle.

If a quality problem occurs, the manufacturer must be able to take prompt action to resolve it, withdrawing non-compliant products very quickly, under penalty of distrust towards the producer itself, resulting in significant damage to the company’s image.

To respond to this urgent need to trace the complete "history" of the product, and especially to offer our customers quality products, over the years we have implemented our production lines with technologically advanced machines that allow us to completelyt track every single electronic board.

Recently, our SMD assembly line for our stepper and brushless drives has been enhanced with the addition of a state-of-the-art laser marker, designed with CO2 technology, which allows to engrave miniaturized data matrix on the PCBA, automatically and quickly obtaining the complete traceability of the product.


Our production process guarantees:

  • traceability of components: each component mounted on our electronic board is traced by date code, supplier and batch number;
  • traceability of processes: all the production processes, including machine's recipes, machinery and operators involved in production, are saved and matched to the single electronic board;
  • testing database: in a single database are saved the results of ICT and functional tests performed on all our electronic boards. which can be consulted at any occasion in a simple and shared way.

Tracking and managing the entire process is one of the advantages of internal production.
Thanks to a process traced in all its phases, the margin of error decreases drastically.

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