Download the new product catalogue: now!

Publication: 30 November 2021 12:00 AM
Topic: News
Download the new product catalogue: now!

A dynamic and expanding reality never stops to implement its product range: Ever Elettronica, always update with the most modern technological trends in motion control field, always offers new ones.
We have “changed the look” of our product catalogue, making it lighter, graphically appealing and, above all, full of clear and detailed information about our products.
Leafing through it, you will discover:

  • The evolution of our history and the important milestones that, in the last 50 years, have led us to be counted among the most reliable suppliers and direct producers of motion control solutions for industrial automation, in Italy and around the world
  • Our product families, from stepper motors to brushless DC motors and brushless AC motors with relative drives for their control: the simplified technical datasheets will help you to quickly identify the best solution for your applications
  • The software, configurators and application development environments, developed on specific customer requests by our team of IT designers
  • The numerous fields of application for which, thanks to decades of experience, we design and produce ad hoc solutions
  • The advanced technologies that, through our solutions, we make available to the customer

What are you waiting for?

Download our catalogue - and don't hesitate: give us your feedback!

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