2021: a successful business year

Publication: 22 December 2021 12:00 AM
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2021: a successful business year

Despite the concern related to the economic situation of the post-Covid times, the automation sector this year has been characterized by a remarkable increment, with a greater number of orders than the past years; for some cases, even than pre Covid years.
The disposition of automatic machine manufacturers to test new suppliers and launch new projects has not stopped, suggesting that "the gear" has not stopped even under the weight of the lockdown and this terrible pandemic.

In the last two years we have gathered hundreds of opportunities - yes, we can surely say that - of new collaborations to be developed and new projects to be implemented, an unequivocal sign of a healthy sector that produces, especially for foreign countries, and that has never lost its rhythm nor its "hunger" for new technological challenges.
The continuous inputs coming from the market of automatic machines manufacturers have pushed us to expand our product range, both making the existing ones technically more performing and adding new ones.

The big problem that is affecting our entire sector for the lack of raw materials is inevitably affecting us too, but what distinguishes us and that makes us proud is that, thanks to the intense work of our production department, we are managing to ensure significantly better delivery times than many other suppliers of automation solutions, as witnessed by several new customers who, in this period of general uncertainty, have chosen us and have placed in us trust and expectations that we will try in every way not to be careless.

What we hope, and that we wish to all the protagonists of our sector, is that this particularly difficult period can still be for everyone an opportunity for growth, new opportunities, new strategies - and a greater awareness of one’s own strength.

Eng. Felice Caldi, founder and owner of Ever Elettronica

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