Our quality? You can download it!

Publication: 10 January 2022 12:00 AM
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Our quality? You can download it!

A company that invests in certifying its products is a company that cares about customer satisfaction.
It is important for us to offer to those who choose us an high quality, performant, reliable and safe product.

The standards required to manufacturers of automatic machines around the world are increasingly demanding, in view of the considerably increased focus on issues such as energy efficiency and safety.
All this matters without- obviously- sacrificing competitiveness and the capacity for technological innovation.

Our commitment is to ensure that our stepper and brushless motors and our stepper and brushless drives are able to respond to both requests.
For years, our design department has been following the path that leads us to obtain prestigious and important certifications with dedication, collaborating directly with the certifying body.

We proudly got:

 ✓ CE Certification
 ✓ Reach Certification
 ✓ RoHS certification
 ✓ UL Recognized Certification (very important for the American and Canadian markets)
 ✓ STO Safe Torque Off Certification

We want our customers to have the opportunity to view and download the certification of the products they buy from us in an easy and fast way, whenever they need it, without having to request it.

Here the Certifications section.

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