Ever Elettronica Smart Motors: ProfiNET and PROFIdrive devices

Publication: 21 February 2023 12:00 AM
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Ever Elettronica Smart Motors: ProfiNET and PROFIdrive devices

Thanks to the internal design of its solutions, Ever Elettronica is able to provide a wide range of products to meet different customer requirements.

From this perspective, our line of programmable drives with integrated motor complete with ProfiNET interface was developed. This type of solution perfectly meets the needs of motion control for those looking for products that do not require a lot of space and complicated wiring, without losing optimal efficiency.

Powered at 24÷48 Vdc, our “Smart Motors” - available in Nema 23 or Nema 24 sizes from 0.5 to 3 Nm and complete with ProfiNET fieldbus - can be optimised with customisations made to the customer's needs: one of these is the addition of an incremental encoder or, for even greater efficiency, of a battery-less multi-turn absolute encoder; devices that allow the real position of the motor to be known throughout the entire motion profile.

Our SM4D devices can also be PROFIdrive devices

PROFIdrive is the standard protocol for drive technology in combination with ProfiNET communication systems, excellent for an integrated and simple connection.

What does PROFIdrive introduce compared to ProfiNET alone? PROFIdrive is a type of communication that uses standard telegrams and is therefore highly compatible, more so than devices with only ProfiNET fieldbuses. Standard telegrams are also compact in terms of data exchange, thus making communication considerably faster.

Ever Elettronica has developed devices with PROFIdrive communication type class AC3 (positioning).

Technical details of the SM4D line:

  • Vectorial control
  • Integrated diagnostics and error monitoring
  • Separate power supply for logic and power
  • IP65 protection class
  • SCI service serial for real-time configuration and debugging
  • Closed loop of torque, speed and position with the possibility to integrate multi-turn absolute encoder
  • Possibility to use PROFIdrive class AC3 as communication type.

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