New dual-axis drives with Powerlink interface

Publication: 7 February 2023 12:00 AM
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New dual-axis drives with Powerlink interface

Ever Elettronica's Research and Development team is constantly studying new solutions to adapt to specific customer requirements in a continuous update of its variety of range: with this perspective, our new line of drives equipped with Powerlink interface has been developed.

Powerlink is a communication protocol, based on standard Ethernet, that guarantees reliable and deterministic communications: it is therefore suitable for industrial automation and process control needs.
Its capacity to handle both time-critical and non-critical processes has prompted its widespread use - particularly in those applications with a significant motion component, such as robotics.

Why should you choose our drives with Powerlink interface?

  • Outputs to drive two independent motors
  • Data provided in real time
  • Freedom to choose the network topology best suited to the application
  • Cyclic and real-time data exchange
  • It is deterministic, as the network and device update time is constant.

The Powerlink fieldbus also provides hot plugging functionality: the disconnection of one node (or more than one) does not compromise network functionality; if one node fails, the others continue to operate. This means, for example, that it is possible to disconnect part of the robot line for maintenance and reconnect it without 'disturbing' the other connected machines.

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