Micromotors from Ever Elettronica

Publication: 21 August 2023 12:00 AM
Topic: News
Micromotors from Ever Elettronica

The compact solution for optimised efficiency

In different fields related to industrial automation and also in areas related to other industries - home automation, oil & gas, medical, up to modelling - people are increasingly looking for efficient and compact motion control solutions.

Ever Elettronica makes its decades of experience available to provide customised stepper, brushless or brushed micromotors - and that's not all: in addition to these, we also offer the possibility to develop electronic boards designed specifically for the control of this type of small motor.

Power, reliability and precision in small dimensions: this is what Ever Elettronica's "micromotors" offer. With permanent magnets or with brushes, customisable in size, electrical features and accessories ( gearboxes, special connectors, brake... ), this type of motor is the ideal solution for those applications where compactness for optimised efficiency is required.

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