Customized drives for spectroscopy

DV srl manufactures series products and customized turnkey devices, according to customer demand, in two main areas: industrial lasers, mostly used for printing, and image spectroscopy systems, which find application in quality control and research in various fields, from textiles to agriculture, food, and medical, and in remote sensing and surveillance systems in civilian and military settings.
The company collaborates with universities and research centers, has clients in Italy and abroad, especially in Central and South America, the East, the Middle East, and is involved in several projects at the European level.

As a result of increased demand for flexibility, customization, and technological innovation from its customers, DV needed a partner who could provide valuable support in the implementation of advanced, purpose-designed solutions. The answer to the company's need was provided by Ever Elettronica, a supplier of components and complete solutions for motion control using synchronous stepper and brushless servomotors.

As Maurizio D'Agostini, DV's product manager, explains, "Our collaboration with Ever Elettronica began about more than a decade ago, after becoming acquainted with it at a trade show and noting the technical validity of its products." Thanks to Ever Elettronica, DV can count on a more professional tool that meets a need for great flexibility: "We are now able to program the drive and obtain parameters that we would not have been able to achieve with other suppliers," D'Agostini continues, also pointing out that as far as costs are concerned, Ever Elettronica is in line with the competition.

Ever Elettronica products are mainly used for the spectroscopy part, where stepper motors need to be moved and there is a need to synchronize data acquisition. "Our chambers work in a linear fashion acquiring consecutive sampling strips, so we need to program a trigger signal that we get simply through the drive itself that moves the chamber," D'Agostini explains. "We use various drives from Ever Elettronica according to the application and the load needed to move the object: small and large drives, programmable and accepting direct commands”.

Along with the many customized solutions, Ever Elettronica also manufactures standard products, mainly quality control machines, university and laboratory systems. "We annually use about 50 Ever Elettronica devices installed on our products," D'Agostini concludes.

The secret is in the integration: what characterizes Ever Elettronica's SW1 and SM2A families of drives, which together constitute the eePlc solutions, is the synergistic integration of different automation elements. These are devices that solve the basic problems of classic automations composed of separate plc, drives, motors and other accessories, eliminating on the one hand the hardware complexities of installation and interfacing of devices of different technology, and on the other hand the problems pertaining to programming - thanks to easy programmability, integration of advanced features, possibility of customization, etc.

With electronics of various power ranges, programmable with graphical Ide for PC and based on the use of synchronous motors, eePLC solutions enable motion control with maximum precision, ease of use and time-saving application development. Available features include: integrated PLC and motion controllers that are also easy to program via wizard (labeling, programmable electronic cam), integrabiity in multi-axis fieldbus systems with multiple control modes, closed position loop, and advanced safety features.

Customized drives for spectroscopy
Customized drives for spectroscopy
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