The labeller is now Full Digital and 'speaks' CANopen

Enos Euro was founded in Canelli in 1998, joining Enos, already on the market since 1976. It proposes itself as a leading company in the automatic labeling sector, boasting over 35 years of experience and proposing solutions for labeling in full autonomy with machines responding to ever-increasing needs.
Enos Euro, precisely because it is sensitive to the ever-changing needs that every producer must satisfy, boasts a strong expansion in many sectors: in addition to the wine sector, in fact, they manufacture labeling machines for the beverage sector in general, but especially for the cosmetic, dairy, oil, food and chemical sectors, with cutting-edge solutions suitable for any type of container and format. The Enos Euro range offers glue and adhesive labeling machines to apply label, back label, vintage stamp, both on round and square bottles: 9000 units, present in wineries all over the world, underscore the history of a company that is always attentive to market signals, present when the customer is in trouble, efficient in interventions and after-sales service. Making flexible machines has always been the goal of Enos Euro: labeling machines that can be configured as needed and properly accessorized represent the company's production strength.
Collaboration with Ever Elettronica has made it possible to maximize the concept of machine flexibility, enhancing and expanding the possible configurations.

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How did the collaboration with Ever Elettronica come about?
We needed to make a technological leap that would allow us to make our machines more powerful. Ever Elettronica proposed us an innovative solution for the automation of our labeling machines, taking benefit of the advanced functionality of Full Digital drives and the high power they are capable of developing. With Ever Elettronica's systems we now have a very flexible solution with an operating logic that can be easily extended both to the direct control of machine objects external to the drive, such as photocells and various accessories, and to the entire labeling machine, which is moreover characterized by a high precision of movement of the label positioning motor. The advantage of this is that, thanks to Ever Elettronica's components, we have a single electronic control and power unit that allows us to operate the individual labeling head or to communicate with other devices on the machine. In this way, the performance that is achieved is greatly improved: in fact, we now have a single item with excellent performance speed and much more precise motion control.

Why did you choose this type of drive?
We needed to improve machine performance without sacrificing market competitiveness. In fact, customers are demanding more and more complex solutions, and as a result, the operation of the labeling machine must provide superior functionality with increasingly tight tolerances on accuracy and under different operating modes and conditions. This gave rise to the need for intelligent electronics. In my opinion, Ever Elettronica's proposal fits our needs perfectly as it offers precise and reliable control of the machine and takes advantage of fieldbus communication that enables digital control of the drive and where both motor parameters and external signals are controlled by the same DSPC-type microprocessor.

How has your technology improved?
Ever Elettronica's drive allows us to better customize our labeling machines: in fact, our machines are configurable and extremely modular. In addition, having such a flexible solution also allows us to quickly implement new applications.

How do you evaluate the collaboration?
One of the reasons we chose their solutions is also the excellent collaboration with the Lodi-based company's technical team: their ability to interpret our needs allowed us to implement a performant solution. Their presence at our facility was always guaranteed and useful during the implementation phase, as it allowed us to better understand how to leverage their products. Thinking about the future, the path has now been traced and therefore it is a matter of making the most of their solutions, certain that thanks to the new collaboration we will be able to develop our labeling machines more and more efficiently and offer our customers increasingly enhanced solutions.
The use of fieldbus drives provides enormous advantages that multiply as the number of motors and drives used in the application increases. In addition to the advantage of simpler switchboards with less wiring, fieldbus technology allows faster and more versatile exchange of information between the drives themselves and other machine components. In programmable drives it is also possible to locally manage real-time operations such as electronic cams or motion synchronization and to replace or not further overload the application's central controller.

The labeller is now Full Digital and 'speaks' CANopen
The labeller is now Full Digital and 'speaks' CANopen
The labeller is now Full Digital and 'speaks' CANopen
The labeller is now Full Digital and 'speaks' CANopen
The labeller is now Full Digital and 'speaks' CANopen
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