A glance at the news from the first half of the year

Publication: 3 July 2023 12:00 AM
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A glance at the news from the first half of the year

The first part of the year has passed and it is time to take a snapshot of our activities in these initial months of 2023, characterised by various new developments in different areas.

From 2023, our drives equipped with the ProfiNET interface are also available with the PROFIdrive profile: excellent for an integrated and simple connection, it has been developed by homologating it both in the "Real Time" (RT) classes defined as AC1 (speed) and AC3 (positioner) and also in the highest-performance variant dedicated to motion control, i.e. the "Isochronous Real Time" (IRT) class defined as AC4.
PROFIdrive is a highly compatible type of communication, more so than ProfiNET fieldbus-only devices, and considerably faster: this implementation is therefore a valuable addition aimed at optimising the operation and improved performance of our ProfiNET drives.

In February, we introduced our series of drives with Powerlink interface: a popular communication protocol based on standard Ethernet capable of guaranteeing both critical and non-critical processes, it is available for the control of low and brushless DC or AC motors up to 80V.
Our R&D department has developed solutions with both Powerlink fieldbuses and the additional feature of being programmable as well.

Ever Elettronica's programmable drives integrate advanced PLC and motion controller functions in a single device, which can be programmed by the user with the e3PLC IDE: the development environment realised by Ever Elettronica is now available in its 1.5 release with the new functionality of selecting objects and variables from a window divided by category, and with the possibility of using a text filter. These new features introduced in version 1.5 therefore make the use of the programming environment for the realisation of complex automations even more immediate and user-friendly.

Also implemented is the Ever Studio software, a Windows PC tool suitable for quick and easy configuration and supervision of Ever Elettronica drive systems and Smart Motors. Equipped with fast interfaces and simple wizards that make entering the necessary operating parameters as straightforward as possible for the user, it has recently been implemented with new tools designed to further simplify the process:

  • Motor Wizard, which allows the user to search for the connected motor in a built-in list and set its parameters
  • Wiring Check, a procedure that uses intuitive windows to guide the user step by step in checking the drive's wiring and parameters.

During the first months of the year, Ever Elettronica received two important accreditations: the status of Cribis Prime Company, assigned to companies that distinguish themselves for their reliability, and the ISO 9001:2015 certification by TÜV Süd, one of the world's most reliable certification authorities; both as proof of its commitment to offer customers an optimal and always improving service.

The commitment we invest in developing customer-friendly products and services has been reflected in the two trade fairs we have attended in recent months, SPS Italia and ITMA 2023: at both, we had the opportunity to meet old and new collaborators and to set up interesting projects that we are sure will make the rest of 2023 even more remarkable.

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