e3PLC: 1.5 Version released

Publication: 17 May 2023 2:43 PM
Last edit: 2:43 PM
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e3PLC: 1.5 Version released

1.5 Version: the latest upgrade of our IDE environment

e3PLC - the latest evolution of our development environment for PC and our firmware for programmable drives for stepper and brushless motors – has been enhanced in a new version.

The 1.5 release of our software brings a new feature, as it makes possible to select objects and variables from sorting window divided by category and with text filter capability:

  • Drives objects selection: 

  • Text filter on Drives objects: 

  • User Variables selection: 

  • Text filter on User Variables:

Despite the simplicity of fully graphical and guided programming, it is possible to create complex automations by reducing wiring and installation times by having a single device for logic and motor control.

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