Power supply voltage 12 [Vcc] ÷ 36 [Vcc]
Separated logic power supply 24 [Vcc] ÷ 24 [Vcc]
Output current 0.0 [A/ph rms] ÷ 3.0 [A/ph rms] 0.0 [A/ph peak] ÷ 4.2 [A/ph peak]
Control mode EtherCAT (CoE)
Feedback Interface 5V TTL/CMOS or 24Vdc push-pull for incremental encoder (not isolated)
Digital inputs 4 not isolated digital inputs
Digital outputs 3 not isolated digital outputs
Analog inputs 1 analog input for potentiometer or 0-5 Vdc
Open or Close loop Open loop or Closed loop
Step resolution Stepless Control Technology (65536 positions per turn)
Safety protections Over/UnderVoltage, OverCurrent, OverTemperature,Phase/Phase and Phase/Ground Short
Operative temperature 5 [°C]÷ 40 [°C]
Storage temperature -25 [°C] ÷ +55 [°C]
Humidity 5 [%] ÷ 85 [%]
Protection class IP20
Dimensions H x L x W 61.0 [mm] x 42.,0 [mm] x 20.0 [mm]
Weight 0.12 [Kg]
Software settings and connections Service SCI interface for programming and real time debug.


Control modes:

• 'Stand Alone' programmabile mode with integrated PLC features.

• Velocity Control Mode

• Wide range of Positioning Control Modes (homing, relative, absolute, target)

• Electric Gear with programmable gear ratio to track external master reference (from fieldbus or incremental encoder) of motor Speed and Position

• High speed I/O triggered motor start & stop to event syncronizing for fast response demanding application: labeling, nick_finder, on fly cut., etc ...

• Multi Axis movements syncronization capability• On fly change among any Motion Module Control Mode

• On fly Electric Gear Enable/Disable capability

• Closed Loop of torque, speed and position thanks to an encoder.

• NodeID e Baud Rate configurable only via software.

• On fly Electric Gear Enable/Disable capabilityMultiasse (fino a 127 azionamenti).Integra tutte le Funzionalità del Modulo Power Motion che assicura perfetta Sincronia tra gli Assi e Riduce il carico di lavoro del Controllore Master.

• Configuration of the drive with EtherCAT interface or with SCI service interface. For this aim it is available the software kit SW4_SERV00-SL comprehensive of converters and cables from da service serial to RS485 and from RS485 to USB; or SW4_SERV01-S

Main Features

● Multiple control modes

● Equipped with advanced safety features: √ integrated diagnostic √ separated power supply for logic and power √ fault monitoring and handling

● Main characteristics of the drive: √ stepless control technology √ low motor vibrations √ high speed and torque √ low mechanical noise √ low heat production √ no resonance √ high reliability

● Vector control: the sinusoidal regulation with‘Else’ technology keeps the motor torque constant, allowing smooth and silent movements

● Closed loop

● Compact sizes

● Auto tuning of motor control parameters

● High efficiency current set up


 Code       Description                     
 SB4D2KIT-C1                                          Connectors kit for cabling                               
 SB4D2KIT-E30                                          Connectors kit with 30 cm cable                               


 Code       Description                     
 SW4_SERV00-EE      Kit for programming the drive with e3PLC Studio software + 200 cm service serial cable and serial/USB converter

SB4 is a new line of programmable vector drives belonging to the Titanio family, characterised by innovative performance. Built by integrating the new ‘Else - Error Less Servo Efficient technology’ with the accurate control of the sinusoidal current, these drives allow to command stepper motors also in closed loop torque speed and position, with a drastic noise reduction, less heating and extremely smooth movements. Suitable for driving 2-phase hybrid stepper motors, they can be coupled mainly with the series of motors from 0.8” to 3.4”. Completely digital and made using Arm Core M4 technology, SW4 drives offer exceptional reliability combined with high mechanical compactness and a competitive price. These drives indeed consist of only the electronic board and are therefore installed in an electrical panel or in solutions customised by the customer. Easily programmable via serial SCI service interface in real time and also thanks to the eePLC Studio IDE software, these drives allow to control the application also in standalone mode, integrating all the functions of the PLC. They can be connected to touch screen HMI devices to set the application parameters and they can be used, both in standalone mode and in multi-axle systems, in "general purpose" applications and they are especially suitable for labelling machines, laser cutters, pick-place devices, engraving tables, etc. or, in any case, in all applications in which not only versatility, precision and speed are required, but also smooth and silent movements.
Stepper drives > Two phases > Open Frame Fieldbus or Programmables > Titanio > SB4D2030H2E1-30c0690

Modbus is a communication protocol among the most widely used standards in the world of industrial devices. All our devices equipped with a serial interface (RS232 or RS485) implement and support the Modbus RTU protocol.

Ever Elettronica programmable drives represent something new: they integrate a real PLC on the drive to be able to create complex automations with a single device.

Thanks to the ELSE technology integrated in the Ever Elettronica’s drives motors current control is so high that vibrations, resonances and noises don’t exist anymore.



Stepper drives > Two phases > Open Frame Fieldbus or Programmables > Titanio > SB4D2030H2E1-30c0690


Stepper drives > Two phases > Open Frame Fieldbus or Programmables > Titanio > SB4D2030H2E1-30c0690

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IDE environment for the Linea Titanio drives programming.

IDE environment for the Linea Titanio drives programming.

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