Power supply voltage 24 [Vcc] ÷ 80 [Vcc]
Output current 1.7 [A/ph rms] ÷ 7.1 [A/ph rms] 2.4 [A/ph peak] ÷ 10.0 [A/ph peak]
Interface control mode Clock & Direction
Power stage H bridge bipolar chopper at 40 kHz.
Digital inputs 4 optoisolated 2 - 24Vdc 2 MHz NPN or PNP or Line Driver.
Digital outputs 1 Digital OUT 24 Vdc - 100 mA for status monitoring
Open or Close loop Open loop
Step resolution From full step (200 pps - 1.8°) up to 1/256 (emulated).
Safety protections Over/Under voltage, Over Current, Over Temperature, Short Circuit Phase/Phase and Phase/Ground
Status monitoring 3 LED with guiding light (green and red/yellow)
Operative temperature 0 [°C] ~ 50 [°C]
Storage temperature 0 [°C] ~ 55 [°C]
Humidity 0 [%] ~ 90 [%]
Protection class IP20
Dimensions H x L x W 128.0 [mm] x 30.0 [mm] x 74.0 [mm]
Weight 0.29 [Kg.]

LW3 is a new line of vectorial drives belonging to the Titanio family, characterised by innovative performance. Built by integrating the new ‘Else - Error Less Servo Efficient technology’ , with the accurate control of the sinusoidal current, these drives allow to command stepper motors with a drastic noise reduction, less heating and extremely smooth movements. Suitable for driving 2-phase hybrid stepper motors, they can be coupled mainly with the series of motors from 0.8” to 3.4”. Completely digital and made using Arm Core M4 technology, LW3 drives offer exceptional reliability combined with mechanical compactness and a competitive price. They can be used in many types of machines where there is already a controller for the generation of digital clock & direction signals, such as X-Y tables, labelling machines, laser cutters, pick-place devices, engraving tables, etc. and they are recommended in all applications in which not only versatility, precision and speed are required, but also smooth and silent movements as in the medical field.

Principal features

  1. ● Sensorless motor stall detection
  2. ● Integrated diagnostic
  3. ● Protections against short circuit motor, open phases, over/under voltage and temperature
  4. ● Vectorial control: The sinusoidal phase current with “else” technology keep the motor torque constant allowing smooth and noiseless movements.
  5. ● Smooth movement
  6. ● Compact size
  7. ● Noiseless rotation
  8. ● Reliability
  9. ● Low EM emissions
  10. ● Software resonance damping
  11. ● Auto tuning of motor control parameters
  12. ● High efficiency current set up
  13. ● Reduction of motor temperature
  14. ● Digital IN 2 - 24 Vdc
  15. ● Quick and easy installation


  1. ● Setting of the current value by means of dip-switches
  2. ● Selection of the step angle by means of roto-switches. In order to maintain compatibility with traditional drivers, step angles have been emulated through software, the current regulation is always sinusoidal.
  3. ● Possibility to select five user functions:
  4. 1 - Reading the motor BEMF, LW3 drivers detect without encoder the step loss, showing alarm status with the Fault digital OUT and a LED sequence.
  5. 2 - Step/Direction or Clock-Up / Clock-Down control mode.
  6. 3 - enable input management (safety control).
  7. 4 - 30% or 70% automatic current reduction (still motor).
  8. 5 - enabling of “Clock Test” function, useful during the driver’s installation, which shows the right presence of the clock signal through status LED flashing.
Azionamenti passo passo a 2 fasi clock e direction Titanio LW3D3070N0A1-00




Mechanical drawing

Typical Applications of LW3D3070N0A1-00