High Efficiency With Encoder

Bipolar holding
[Ncm] min.
Step angle 
Rated current
Wires number 
Rotor inertia
Class protection 
Encoder type 
Encoder resolution
Encoder outputs type 
± [%] 
MT17HE18020B4E1NEMA 1.7" - 42 mm square52.001.8052.004 wires for bipolar connection47.70Double shaft with encoder mounted82IP30Incremental1000 
MT17HE24028B4E4NEMA 1.7" - 42 mm square86.001.8052.804 wires for bipolar connection59.70Double shaft with encoder mounted128IP30Incremental1000 
MTEN-0081NEMA 2.3" - 56 mm square220.001.8054.204 wires for bipolar connection93.50Double shaft with encoder mounted480IP65Incremental1000Single Ended
MTEN-0085NEMA 2.3" - 56 mm square120.001.8054.204 wires for bipolar connection53.30Double shaft280IP20Incremental400Differential
MTEN-0108NEMA 2.4" - 60 mm square270.001.8053.004 pins for bipolar connection85.50Double shaft with encoder mounted810IP65Incremental400Single Ended
MTEN-0118NEMA 4.2" - 110 mm square5000.001.8057.008 wires for bipolar parallel or bipolar series connection201.00Double shaft with encoder mounted16200IP20Incremental400Single Ended
MTEN-0120NEMA 3.4" - 86 mm square480.001.8056.008 wires for bipolar parallel or bipolar series connection86.00Double shaft1400IP65 (rear flange not included)Incremental400Single Ended
MTEN-0127NEMA 3.4" - 86 mm square500.001.8056.004 pins for bipolar connection78.50Double shaft with encoder fixing holes provision1400IP65Incremental400Differential
MTEN-0134NEMA 2.4" - 60 mm square300.001.8054.204 wires for bipolar connection85.50Double shaft900IP20Incremental400Differential