Stepper motors

Ever Elettronica, in the field of stepper motors, has been synonymous of guarantee and reliability for over 40 years.
The many years of experience in this field allows Ever Elettronica to design and produce rotary stepper motors and linear stepper motors that can be customised according to the customer's requirements and that can be used in a variety of conditions: from the coldest to the hottest places, the quality of Ever Elettronica motors guarantees their exceptional durability.

Ever Elettronica motors, highly efficient stepper motors optimised in energy consumption and environmental impact, are available in a wide range including motors with fractions of Nm to 30 Nm Nema 42 motors.

Upon specific customer request, stepper motors can be supplied with a gearbox, with IP65 protection, with an integrated encoder or safety brake and they stand out from other competitors because they are able to deliver a higher torque with the same size.


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