Brushless DC Drives

Ever Elettronica's brushless DC drives, fully digital with Arm technology, are designed to control three-phase brushless DC motors up to 750 Watts.

Exceptionally reliable and compact, they are programmable with Ever Elettronica's e3PLC Studio environment. These drives are available with Ethernet, Modbus RTU or CanOpen based fieldbuses, or can be controlled with frequency or analogue reference.
Current control via encoders, in addition to Hall sensors, allows the brushless DC drives to drive the motor in closed loop: this ensures extremely smooth motion and increased efficiency.

Equipped with advanced safety features, they are used in a variety of control applications where they ensure optimal efficiency: conveyors, motorised rollers, distributors, electric cylinders, markers, feeders, textile reel rotations, winding machines, separators and robotic arms.

Some of the features of Ever Elettronica's brushless DC drives are:

  • velocity control mode
  • torque mode
  • programmability for stand-alone operation
  • different positioning control modes
  • EtherCat fieldbus, Powerlink, CanOpen, Modbus TCP, Modbus RTU.


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