Brushless AC Motors

Many years of experience in the field of industrial automation allow us to design and produce internally, with our own sophisticated production line, highly customised brushless motors according to specific customer requirements, capable of being used in a variety of conditions: the quality of Ever Elettronica motors guarantees their exceptional longevity.

Ever Elettronica's brushless AC motors are high performance servo motors, equipped with the best features and all features already integrated in the standard specifications.

Available in flange sizes of 60, 80, 100 and 140 mm, our servomotors come with additional features:

  • IP65 protection
  • Power up to 1.4 kW
  • class F windings
  • incremental encoder, absolute encoder with brake option
  • bearings with high dynamic capacity and durability.

 Our brushless AC motors are customisable in both electrical and mechanical parameters, e.g. shaft size, special connectors, cable lengths and much more.




Rated Power

Rated voltage

Rated current
[Arms / ph]

Peak current
[Arms / ph]

Rated Torque


Motor length


Brake [Nm]

BA24HA0402A0B0F60 mm square4002302.607.701.27IP65136.5Absolute encoder1.50
BA24HA0402E0B0060 mm square4002302.959.901.28IP65109.0Incremental encoder 
BA24SA0402E101060 mm square4002302.008.501.27IP65145.5Incremental encoder 
BA24SA0402E101F60 mm square4002302.008.501.27IP65190.0Incremental encoder2
BA24SA0402A001060 mm square4002302.008.501.27IP65145.5Multiturn absolute encoder 
BA24SA0402A001F60 mm square4002302.008.501.27IP65190.0Multiturn absolute encoder2
BA32HA0752A0B0F82 mm square7502305.1618.102.39IP65158.0Absolute encoder4.80
BA32HA0752E0B0082 mm square7502305.1618.102.39IP65127.0Incremental encoder 
BA32HA0752E0B0F82 mm square7502305.1618.102.39IP65157.0Incremental encoder4.80
BA32SA0752E1B0080 mm square7502303.758.702.39IP65160.0Incremental encoder 
BA32SA0752E1B0F80 mm square flange7502303.758.702.39IP65209.0Incremental encoder4.5
BA32SA0752A0B0080 mm square7502303.758.702.39IP65160.0Multiturn absolute encoder 
BA32SA0752A0B0F80 mm square7502303.758.702.39IP65209.0Multiturn absolute encoder4.5
BA39HA1102A0B0098 mm square11002304.5020.703.50IP65150.0Multiturn absolute encoder 
BA39HA1102A0B0F98 mm square11002304.5020.703.50IP65200.0Multiturn absolute encoder8.2
BA39HA1102E0B0098 mm square11002304.5020.703.50IP65152.0Incremental encoder 
BA39SA1052A0B00100 mm square10502304.5016.303.50IP65175.0Multiturn absolute encoder 
BA39SA1052A0B0F100 mm square10502304.5016.303.50IP65225.0Multiturn absolute encoder9
BA39HA1102E0B0F98 mm square11002304.5020.703.50IP65152.0Incremental encoder8.2
BA55SA1402A0B00140 mm square14002305.2020.504.50IP65166.0Multiturn absolute encoder 
BA55SA1402E1B0F140 mm square14002305.2020.504.50IP65216.0Incremental encoder18
BA55SA1402E1B00140 mm square14002305.2020.504.50IP65166.0Incremental encoder 
BA39SA1052E1B0F100 mm square10502304.5016.303.50IP65225.0Incremental encoder9
BA39SA1052E1B00100 mm square10502304.5016.303.50IP65175.0Incremental encoder 
BA55SA1402A0B0F140 mm square14002305.2020.504.50IP65216.0Multiturn absolute encoder18


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