Brushless DC Motors

Many years of experience in the field of industrial automation led us to design and produce internally, with our sophisticated and cutting-edge production line, stepper motors and brushless motors highly customized to specific customer requirements, able to be used in various conditions: tested from the coldest to the warmer places, the quality of Ever Elettronica’s motors guarantees their exceptional longevity.

Ever Elettronica’s motors, high efficiency stepper and brushless motors optimized in energy consumption and environmental impact, are available in a wide range: from motors with fractions of Nm (Nema 08, Nema 10, Nema 11, Nema 17) up to the most powerful Nema 23, Nema 24, Nema 34 motors and Nema 42 motors from 30 Nm.

The power range of our motors goes from 400 W brushless DC motors to 1,5 KW brushless AC motors.

On specific request of the customer, stepper motors and brushless motors are highly customizable and therefore can be supplied with gearbox, with IP65 protection, with incremental encoder or absolute multiturn encoder (without battery), with magnetic encoder, with special connectors and wiring, with custom joints and pulleys or with integrated safety brake.

Our high efficiency stepper and brushless motors are distinguished from other competitors’ motors due to their ability to deliver a much greater torque at the same size.


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