Brushless DC Motors

Ever Elettronica designs and manufactures internally highly customised brushless motors according to specific customer requirements - also thanks to its sophisticated production line - capable of being used in a variety of conditions: their quality is a guarantee of optimal efficiency and longevity.

Ever Elettronica's Brushless DC motors, optimised for greater efficiency and energy saving, are available in a wide range of sizes: from 42 mm (Nema 17), 57 mm (Nema 23), 60 mm (Nema 24), 80 mm, up to 86 mm square flange (Nema 34); up to 57 mm round flange.

They are available with feedback via Hall sensors or incremental or absolute encoders and are customisable both mechanically and in terms of wiring.
Other features of our Brushless DC motors:

  • power up to 750 watts
  • nominal voltage from 12 Vdc up to 230 Vac
  • nominal speed: up to 12000 rpm
  • customisable electrically and mechanically
  • available with incremental encoder, multi-turn absolute encoder and with the option of adding a brake.


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