Drives with Powerlink interface for brushless motors

Publication: 15 March 2023 12:00 AM
Topic: News

The AW5 drive series with Powerlink interface features devices suitable for controlling brushless motors. Our drives can be used to drive brushless DC motors, or AC motors up to 80V.

These drives are available either with a fieldbus with Powerlink interface (DS402) or as programmable devices via our e3PLC programming environment.
They have outputs for driving two independent motors (synchronising movements in multi-axis systems even without a fieldbus) and an independent input for the incremental encoder.

For drives with Powerlink fieldbuses, the connection for setting the configuration parameters is via the USB service interface and the company's owned Ever Studio software tool, which also enables fast real-time debugging of all drive functions.

The programmable AW5 series drives with Powerlink fieldbus are configurable via the e3PLC programming environment.

Ever Elettronica's own PC software tools make it possible to develop, configure and supervise any system quickly and easily. This allows independent firmware management for homing, target movement with relative or absolute dimensions and ramp profile generation.
 Also available are speed control from digital inputs, analogue inputs or fieldbus; advanced profile programming directly within the drive; event synchronisation for high-speed response applications, such as labelling, tagging, cutting on the fly, etc.

AW5 drive series main features:

  • Products for motion control of brushless motors
  • Equipped with PowerLink fieldbus
  • Control of two independent motors
  • Isolated input for incremental encoder
  • USB service for real-time programming and debugging
  • Powerlink fieldbus drives: configuration parameter setting via Ever Studio
  • Powerlink programmable fieldbus drives: easily programmable via e3PLC Studio IDE.
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