Wiring Check and Motor Wizard: tools for a fast and reliable connection

Publication: 23 March 2023 12:00 AM
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Wiring Check and Motor Wizard: tools for a fast and reliable connection

The configuration of Ever Elettronica drive systems and Smart Motors is done through Ever Studio, a Windows PC software tool suitable to configure and supervise any system quickly and easily.
The software is equipped with fast interfaces and simple wizards so as to make it as straightforward as possible for the user to enter all the necessary operating parameters for the drives and application.

Recently, the software was implemented with new tools designed to further simplify the process and operation of our products: Motor Wizard and Wiring Check.

Motor Wizard is an easy-to-use tool that allows you to search for the connected motor in a built-in list and set its parameters - including default values for the Closed Loop. It is applicable on all three types of Ever Elettronica motors: stepper, brushless DC and brushless AC.
Motor wizard is a simple mask that makes it possible to select or configure the parameters of the motor connected to the drive in just a few steps, making it easy even for non-expert users to start an application with our motors.

Wiring Check is a procedure that, by means of intuitive windows, guides the user step by step through the verification of the drive's wiring and settings. During this procedure it is also possible to save configuration data so that they can be reused for future installations with the same products.
This tool therefore allows the user to carry out a quick diagnostic, followed step by step by the tool itself, which can immediately communicate any anomalies or errors or, on the other hand, the correct setting of all the instruments connected to the product.

Both solutions available to users were developed by Ever Elettronica's design department, with the constant aim of providing solutions with increasingly accessible interfaces in order to optimise the customer experience.

For more technical infos: Ever Studio

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