Main characteristics:

• Multiple Possibilities of Operation
• Equipped with advanced safety features
  √ tested for direct unit installations
  √ integrated watch dog features
  √ monitoring and management of faults
• Main Characteristics of the Controller-Gateway:
  √ easy to program
  √ local control of connected devices
  √ real time management of axles
  √ interchange of data between fieldbuses
  √ high reliability and versatility
  √ management of devices of other manufacturers


The GWC unit has been developed to guarantee the three functions of programmable logic controller (PLC), motion controller and communication converter (gateway). The programmable logic controller and motion controller functions allow the user to control a process via fieldbus, the serial interface and the inputs/outputs, according to a program defined by the user. The communication converter function allows for the interchange of data between the different fieldbuses: CANbus (CANopen master/slave), DeviceNet (slave), Profibus (Profibus-DP slave) and Serial (Modbus master/slave). The coexistence of the three functions in a single unit, simplifies the automation of a wide range of industrial applications in a simple manner and with a significant economic advantage.

Technical specifications:

- Supply voltage: 24 Vdc
- Supply current: 800 mA
- CPU processor: CISC 16 bit 40MHz
- PLC Programming and Motion Controller: TR.I.P.O.S.GW compatible windows operating system (EN61131-3 ST)
- User program memory: 1 Mb flash and 512 Kb ram high speed
- Interfaces:
     - CANbus: 1 electrically isolated, 1 Mbit/s, ISO11898 - CANopen protocol (CAN1)
     - DeviceNet: 1 electrically isolated
     - ProfiBus-DP: 1 electrically isolated
     - Serials: 2 electrically isolated RS232 / RS485, full or half-duplex
- Inputs: 8 electrically isolated, PNP 24 Vdc - 200 kHz.
- Outputs: 8 electrically isolated and protected, 24 Vdc - 500 mA - 1 kHz
- Dip switches: 8 for user configuration
- Display: 7 LED segments indicating the operating status of the unit
- Connectors:
    - Power supply: Combicon Phoenix
    - CANbus: 5 poles Mini-Combicon-Style;
    - Profibus-DP: 9 female SUB-D receptacle poles;
    - DeviceNet: 5 poles Mini-Combicon-Style.
- Temperatures: operating from 0°C to 50°C, storage from 0°C to 55°C.
- Humidity: 0% ÷ 90%
- Environmental protection class: IP20
- Dimensions (L x H x D): 194.0  x 120.0 x 45.0 mm
- Weight: 0.48 Kg.


 Code       Description                     
 GWCB211C Connectors kit for cabling                                 


 Code       Description                     
 GWC_TRP232U-00      Software Kit for controller programming with T.R.I.P.O.S.GW + 200 cm cable and serial/USB converter

Multifunction controller > Gateway, Controller and PLC > GWCB211c1000

Modbus is a communication protocol among the most widely used standards in the world of industrial devices. All our devices equipped with a serial interface (RS232 or RS485) implement and support the Modbus RTU protocol.

Ever Elettronica has been one of the first companies in the world to implement and validate the CANopen protocol and the DSP402 on its drives for stepper motors and brushless motors, starting from the early ‘90s.

CANopen is a standard communication protocol widely used in the industrial automation fields. First developed for use with CAN fieldbus, it has also been applied to other types of fieldbuses such as Ethercat CoE.


Thanks to the TR.I.P.O.S.GW programming environment, it is possible to customise the machine cycle and manage all drives and local resources, reducing and simplifying the work load of the master PLC, if present.

Mechanical drawing

Dimensions in mm

Multifunction controller > Gateway, Controller and PLC > GWCB211c1000
Typical Applications of GWCB211c1000
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