Main characteristics:

 ● Fieldbus Ethernet Modbus TCP/IP
 ● Serial service for real time configuration and debugging
 ● Suitable with the most common PLC masters on the market
 ● On Board Safety provisions:
    √ integrated diagnostics
    √ separated power supply for logic and power
    √ fault monitoring and handling
 ● Drives main features:
    √ velocity control mode
    √ torque Mode
    √ different positioning control modes (homing, relative, absolute, target)
    √ electric shaft with programmable reduction ratio to track an external master
       input (from fieldbus or incremental encoder) in speed and position
    √ fast I / O which can be triggered on motor start & stop events in applications
       that require high response speeds 


 - Power supply: separated 12 ÷ 48 Vdc for power and 12 ÷ 48 Vdc for logic
    (optional and not isolated)
 - Power stage: phase current 10 Arms (28 Apeak for 5s), motor up to 400 W,
   40 kHz ultrasonic chopper frequency
 - Control mode: Ethernet Modbus TCP/IP fieldbus interface
 - Configuration interface: SCI (serial service) for configuration, parameters settings and 
   debugging in real time
 - Encoder interface: not isolated input for incremental encoder 5V differential RS422 or
   single-ended TTL/CMOS
 - Feedback sensor: not isolated input for Hall sensor, 5 V Single-Ended (TTL/CMOS)
 - Optocoupled inputs: 4 digital inputs
 - Optocoupled outputs: 3 digital outputs
 - Safety protections:over/under-voltage, over current, overheating, short circuit between
   motor phase to phase and phase to ground
 - Temperature: working from 5°C to 40°C, storage from -25°C to 55°C
 - Humidity: 5% ~ 85%
 - Protection degree: IP20
 - Dimensions (W x H x D): 139.0 x 84.5 x 30.0 mm
 - Weight: 0.32 Kg.


 Code       Description                     
 DW4D2KIT-C0                                          Connectors kit for cabling                               


 Code       Description                     
 DW4_SERV00-SL      Kit for drive configuration with Ever Studio software + 200 cm service serial cable and serial/USB converter


Ethernet fieldbus with Modbus-TCP/IP protocol.


Drive control through commands by master controller. Suitable for multi axes systems, built in powerfull Motion Module functionality assures perfect synchronization among axes and reduces master controller workload.


Connection for the parameters configuration is made through SCI service serial interface and the software tool Ever Studio that allow easy and quick configuration, a real time debug and a supervision of each system.




Related product to DW4D2400E221-00d0890
 Universal environment for the configuration and diagnostics of all drives of the Titanio line with fieldbus.

Universal environment for the configuration and diagnostics of all drives of the Titanio line with fieldbus.