This ready-to-use control unit for labeling machines includes a Vectorial Stepper Drive Titanio Series which guarantees precise, smooth and silent movements to your machines.

LabCon-00: 12 digital inputs; 10 digital outputs; 2 analog inputs

It has a touchscreen interface for the configuration and setting of the parameters of work, providing up to 50 recipes.
It can be customized using our e3PLC IDE, a fast and intuitive programming environment, which in turn integrates the tested Labelling_realtime Module, developed specifically for the control of labeling machines.

Supported by a good mechanics and a good motor (we can supply motors in addition, too), it can reach up to 80 mt/min.


• Label positioning error: < 0.5 mm.
• Perfect synchronism: between speed/position label and speed/position product, even in case of abrupt variations of product’s speed.
• Label size: available to automate format change.
• Issue of double label with different format: label and back label with perfect adjustment of the distance between the two labels.
• Missing label recovery: with lack report.
• Software filters: for the easy management of particular products and labels.
• Easy customization of the application: to allow the management of various accessories such as printing devices, print control, pneumatics etc.
Print trigger and pneumatic management for print & apply applications.
Control units for labelling machines > LabCon-00


Mechanical drawing

Dimensions in cm

Control units for labelling machines > LabCon-00

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IDE environment for the Linea Titanio drives programming.

IDE environment for the Linea Titanio drives programming.

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