Atomic IDE

Atomic is a micro programming language for SM2A servomotor drives the purpose of which is to offer users the freedom to create their own application without having to switch to more expensive and complex drives or without the need to learn new programming languages.

Executable on PC windows operating systems, it features powerful macro instructions that can be recalled and edited via guided windows designed to get the most in terms of versatility and compilation speed.
The Atomic manager allows the user to access all the features, objects, inputs/outputs and resources of the drive and to manage and synchronise the movement module and resources of other drives with each process event, as well as allowing direct access to all of the advanced features of the power motion module.

Main characteristics:

  • Software environment to program SM2A servo-drives.
  • Intuitive and easy to use, no need to learn a new programming language.
  • Made to create multitasking applications up to 8 tasks per user.
  • Complete with Advanced Module Motion for the PLC functions.
  • Closed loop torque, speed and position motion programming.
  • Created to exploit the full power of the DSPCs and all the hardware resources integrated into the drives.
  • Complete with software tools to simplify diagnostics on the application created.
  • Drive firmware update function.
  • Support and training by Ever Elettronica personnel.
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Typical Applications of Atomic IDE
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