eePLC Studio IDE


All drive systems with cxx9x firmware are easily programmable by the user by means of the eePLC Studio IDE environment.
This software package for PC windows allows to integrate the PLC and motor control functions directly into a single device. The programming of the machine cycle or of the process phases of the customised device is fast, as well as all the testing phases of the solution.
The eePLC manager allows to access all the features and resources of the devices of the SlimLine line and to manage and synchronise the movement module and resources of other drives with each process event, as well as allowing direct access to all of the advanced features of the power motion module.

Main characteristics:

• Intuitive and easy to use and does not require the use of particular languages
• Made to create multitasking applications
• Integrates all PLC features to exploit all the hardware resources of the drive
• Integrates the Realtime Labelling Wizard module for the complete advanced management of a labelling head
• Integrates the module for the management of electronic cams
• Complete with software tools for the fast debugging of the application
• Support and training by Ever Elettronica personnel


Labelling Module wizard Labelling Setup wizard.
The Labelling Realtime module implements the typical functions of a labelling head. In particular, it manages the typical signals of a labelling head in an extremely precise manner:
- product present acquisition (start)
- label gap acquisition (stop)
- synchronisation of the label speed with the product speed and positioning of the label in the same point at all times also during the acceleration and deceleration phases of the product conveyor belt (encoder).
By enabling the Labelling Realtime module, it is possible to create, using a simple wizard, the complete control cycle of a labelling head, and it is also possible, using the eePLC Studio environment, to add other features necessary for the application. The performance is: maximum labelling speed up to 80 m/min.; label positioning error less than 1 mm; perfect synchronism between product speed and label speed; external encoder for the product speed and position reference; buffer up to 16 products; programmable filter for the product presence signal; programmable filter for the label gap signal.

Electronic cam management module.
The Advanced Motion Module in drives with c1x9x configuration is integrated into the electronic cam module. Recallable via the eePLC Studio IDE environment, this module allows for the calculation and complete management of the electronic cams. For this reason, thanks to a simple interface window, with eePLC it is possible to program the motion of the desired cam and all the relative parameters required, in a simple and fast way

Software di programmazione eePLC Studio IDE

PLC functions

This development environment for PC windows makes it possible to integrate the functions of PLC, motion module, process module and drive in a single device.

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