The TR.I.P.O.S. GW programming environment is complete with ready-to-use libraries and objects for motion control such as:

  • free stroke;
  • microstep movement at a precise position;
  • triggered stop;;
  • electronic cam;;
  • multi-axle synchronisation and ability to customise movement profiles (speed, acceleration, one position stroke).

The integrated development environment has advanced features such as:

  • high level debugging;;
  • compatibility with serial interfaces (Modbus RTU) and CANbus (CANopen);
  • 32 bit and floating-point arithmetic;
  • trigonometric functions;
  • interrupts/tasks management;
  • 128 KB of RAM for user data space, 256 KB of Flash for application program space and 8 KB of buffered RAM;
  • on-line help.

Various software tools are available for application debugging, such as:

  • the TR.I.P.O.S.GW terminal window: which opens a direct communication channel with the GWC unit and the relative administrative network through which commands can be given in real to check or change the objects or drive variables of the devices connected to the network;
  • the control window (objects, variables, inputs/outputs, task cycle times, etc.);

Main characteristics:

  • Software environment for Windows systems to program the Motion controller/Gateway/PLC of the GWC series.
  • High-level language complying with IEC EN61131- 3 standards regarding structured language following (ST) and (IL) standards.
  • Multitasking environment and task management with different priorities.
  • Ready-to-use applications available.
  • Support and training by Ever Elettronica personnel.
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Multi-axis system with fieldbus gateway.

Typical Applications of TR.I.P.O.S. GW IDE
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