Power supply voltage 12 [Vcc] ÷ 48 [Vcc]
Separated logic power supply 12 [Vcc] ÷ 48 [Vcc]
Output current 0.0 [A/ph rms] ÷ 4.0 [A/ph rms] 0.0 [A/ph peak] ÷ 5.65 [A/ph peak]
Control mode EtherCAT (CoE)
Feedback Interface not isolated input for incremental encoder 5 V single-ended (TTL/CMOS)
Mounting Wall mounting
Digital inputs 2 digital optoisolated inputs 2-24 Vdc NPN, PNP or Line Driver 2 Mhz
Digital outputs 2 optoisolated digital outputs PNP, 24 Vdc - 100 mA
Open or Close loop Open loop or Closed loop
Step resolution Stepless Control Technology (65536 emulated positions per turn)
Safety protections Over/UnderVoltage, OverCurrent, OverTemperature, Phase/Phase and Phase/Ground short
Operative temperature 5 [°C]÷ +40 [°C]
Storage temperature -25 [°C] ÷ +55 [°C]
Humidity 5 [%] ÷ 85 [%]
Protection class IP65
Dimensions H x L x W 145 [mm] x 56 [mm] x 50 [mm]
Weight 0.30 [Kg]
Software settings and connections SCI serial interface for real time programming and debugging


● EtherCAT (Coe) supported modes: profile position mode, velocity mode, profile velocity mode, homing mode, interpolated position mode, cyclic synchronous position mode, cyclic synchronous velocity mode

● Multiple supported homing modes: 1, 2, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 35, 37

● Synchronization mode: free run, synchronous with SM Event, distributed clocks

● Diagnostic service: EMCY, diagnostics

● Minimum cycle time: 500 microseconds

● Conformity with Beckhoff ET9400 Conformance Test Tool V2.1.0, master Robox and Omron

● Autonomus management of the firmware for the execution of the homing, of the target movement with relative or absolute quota and for the generation of the ramp profiles.● Torque Mode for operation with torque limitation

● Speed control thanks to digital inputs, analogue inputs or fieldbus

● Electronic CAM with advanced programming of internal profiles

● Electric shaft with encoder or anaogue inputwith variable traking (Electric Gear)

● Fast inputs and outputs for motor 'Start & Stop' and evern syschronization for high speed response applications shuch as labelling, nick finder, flying saw etc.

● Possibility to synchronize the movements in multi-axis systems, even without fieldbus

● Enabling and on-the-fly changing of the motion control modes

● Application programming with e3PLC Studio IDE

Main Features

● EtherCAT (Coe)

● Service serial for real time programming and debugging

● Compliance with the most common PLC Masters on the market

● IP65 protection

● Closed loop of speed, torque and position

● Easily programmable with e3PLC Programming Environment

● PLC functionalities integrated


 Code       Description                     
 SN4D2KIT-A1M                                          Connectors kit with 1 mt. cable                               


 Code       Description                     
 SN4D_SERV00-SL      Kit for programming the drive with e3PLC Studio software + 200 cm service serial cable and serial/USB converter

Stepper drives > Two phases > Programmables > Titanio > SN4D2040H2L1-00c0690

EtherCAT is a fieldbus which meet the need of a standard high performance industrial communication protocol based on an Ethernet network. EtherCAT is currently considered the fastest industrial Ethernet solution.

Ever Elettronica programmable drives represent something new: they integrate a real PLC on the drive to be able to create complex automations with a single device.

Thanks to the ELSE technology integrated in the Ever Elettronica’s drives motors current control is so high that vibrations, resonances and noises don’t exist anymore.


The connection for the drive configuration parameters setting is possible via serial service interface which also allows a real-time debugging of all drive functions.

Mechanical drawing

Dimensions in mm

Stepper drives > Two phases > Programmables > Titanio > SN4D2040H2L1-00c0690


Stepper drives > Two phases > Programmables > Titanio > SN4D2040H2L1-00c0690

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IDE environment for the Linea Titanio drives programming.

IDE environment for the Linea Titanio drives programming.

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