Power supply voltage 100 [Vac] ÷ 240 [Vac]
Output current 0 [A/ph rms] ÷ 3.0 [A/ph rms] 0 [A/ph peak] ÷ 4.2 [A/ph peak]
Interface control mode EtherCAT CoE (DS402)
Power stage 40 kHz ultrasonic chopper frequency
Digital inputs 4 optoisolated digital inputs 5-24 Vdc NPN, PNP or Line-Driver
Digital outputs 2 optoisolated digital outputs PNP, 24 Vdc - 100 mA
Open or Close loop Open loop
Step resolution Stepless Control Technology (65536 emulated positions per turn)
Safety protections Over/UnderVoltage, OverCurrent, OverTemperature, Phase/Phase and Phase/Ground Short
Operative temperature 5 [°C] ~ 40 [°C]
Storage temperature -25 [°C] ~ 55 [°C]
Humidity 5 [%] ~ 85 [%]
Protection class IP20
Dimensions H x L x W 180.7 [mm] x 50.0 [mm] x 130.0 [mm]
Weight ~ 0.5 [Kg.]
Software settings and connections SCI serial service for configuration and debug in real time.

Principal features

  1. ● EtherCAT (CoE) with integrated DS402 functionalities
  2. ● Service serial for real time configuration and debugging
  3. ● Conformity with the most common PLC masters on the market
  4. ● Integrated oscilloscope
  5. ● Vectorial control, which ensures smooth and silent movements
  6. ● Main AC power supply
  7. ● Monitoring and alarms records
  8. ● Auto tuning of motors' control parameters


  1. Control modes:
  2. • Supported Modes: profile position mode, velocity mode, homing mode, interpolated position mode, cyclic synchronous position mode, cyclic synchronous velocity mode
  3. • Multiple supported homing mode: 1, 2, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 35, 37.
  4. • Synchronization mode: free run, synchronous with SM event, distributed clocks
  5. • Diagnostic services: EMCY, diagnostics.
  6. • Minimum cycle time: 500 microseconds
  7. • PDO dynamic mapping
  8. • Touch Probe function
  9. • Factor Group
  10. • Storable PDO mapping inside drive


 Code       Description                     
 SW3A93KIT-C1Connectors Kit for cabling                      


 Code       Description                 
 SW3_SERV10-SL      Kit software for drive configuration with Ever Studio + 200 cm serial cable and serial/USB converter

SW3 is a new line of fieldbus vector drives belonging to the Titanio family, characterised by innovative performance. Built by integrating the new ‘Else - Error Less Servo Efficient technology’ with the accurate control of the sinusoidal current, these drives allow to command stepper motors with a drastic noise reduction, less heating and extremely smooth movements. Suitable for driving 2-phase hybrid stepper motors, they can be coupled mainly with the series of motors from 0.8” to 3.4”. Completely digital and made using Arm Core M4 technology, SW4 drives offer exceptional reliability combined with mechanical compactness and a competitive price. They can be used in many types of machines where there is already a fieldbus master controller to control single or multi-axle systems. Their use is of the 'general purpose' type and they are particularly suitable in labelling machines, laser cutters, pick-place devices, engraving tables, etc. or in any case in all applications in which not only versatility, precision and speed are required, but also smooth and silent movements as in the medical field.

EtherCAT is a fieldbus which meet the need of a standard high performance industrial communication protocol based on an Ethernet network. EtherCAT uses the frame and physical layer of the IEEE 802.3 Ethernet standard and is currently considered the fastest industrial Ethernet solution Discover our wide range of EtherCAT products!


The drive can be controlled through commands (slave) by master controller.


Parameters and functions settings through EtherCAT fieldbus or thruogh service serial interface SCI.




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High Efficiency and high voltage 2 phases hybrid stepper motor

High Efficiency and high voltage 2 phases hybrid stepper motor

 Universal environment for the configuration and diagnostics of all drives of the Titanio line with fieldbus.

Universal environment for the configuration and diagnostics of all drives of the Titanio line with fieldbus.

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